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February Half Term

This isn’t yet another post about how I can’t wait for the kids to go back to school or that they’re driving me insane.

Mine is a total rant about the unfairness that each and every school holiday (and a lot of weekends, and week days actually) we spend a big portion of it at home.

Not doing arts and crafts should it be a cold and rainy day or baking or in fact having friends round to play BUT slathering on the Vick’s, watching endless episodes or Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly and the odd Disney film whilst attempting to tempt Isabelle to eat even the most minuscule of meals.


I ache from head to toe as I sit and cuddle her, and will her to get better.

We have a good couple of hours during the day some days but as the day goes on her temperature rises, the coughing gets worse followed by the sickness and she turns from being her lovely self to a stroppy, doesn’t want to do anything ball of heat and that’s when the clock watching begins.

Night times are the pits with her raised temperature and coughing which is nearly always followed by a bout of sickness which we are getting quite good at catching (but not always).

Isabelle doesn’t have a chronic illness. She catches each and every germ going from coughs, colds, sickness and tummy bugs.

We’re turning into THOSE parents who will phone to find out if there are any sniffles or such like before we allow playdates. Those are the parents that I used to have a silent snigger to myself at their over protectiveness who I’d clearly high five these days.

It’s not just the constant illnesses that get to us, but the exhaustion that comes hand in hand as we get up and down with her in the night, the changing of beds and nightclothes, and the knowing that no matter how many times she’s been up at night she’ll still be up at the crack of dawn to start the next day.

We’ve had this bout of illnesses since she was born and usually she’s most susceptible between November to March and then we get a bit of reprieve as the nicer weather sets in.

We’re hoping that she will grow out of it, but until then we’ll keep on going armed with Calpol, cough medicine, Vicks on the chest, back and feet, Piriton, Breath easy plug-in, warm bath, lemon and honey, airing the room, extra pillows…………… get my drift.

This time she has tonsillitis and ear infection on top of a cough and cold so we need to add antibiotics to the list above.

Please jump in if you think I’ve missed something!

On the up side it did give me time to add our New range of Enchanted Interiors Nursery Wall Stickers. Have you seen them? They’re pretty special.

Lisa x