Pregnancy Diary Week 13

Pregnancy Diary  Week 13

Pregnancy Diary Week 13 – Week beginning 26th November. I feel like everything is a bit much of the same at the moment.


Pregnancy Diary Week 13

I’m struggling with tiredness and sickness which seems to be all I can think about. I wish that as a human I could function without the need for food. I could really do with some energy at the moment as each day is turning into a clock watching game.

Now that the news is out in the open I’ve already had the following questions thrown at me:

  • Do you know what you’re having?
  • Do you want a boy or a girl?
  • Have you thought about names?
  • When will you be giving up work?
  • Do you know how long you will take maternity leave for?

Blah blah blah…………NO!

I’ve thought about things such as prams, nursery furniture and whether or not it will be a girl or boy but that is as far as i’ve got.

We haven’t been in any shops and haven’t bought a single thing yet. It’s way too soon as far as I’m concerned.

Yey I’ve only got another 27 weeks of the repetition of the above………As you can see my mood is just chipper at the moment.


The baby is about the size of an egg now, weighing around 23g and measuring about 7.4cm.

They can kick and turn their head. They can also swallow, yawn and hiccup. The kidneys have begun to function and the vocal chords are beginning to develop.

This is a biggie – the baby can taste the food that I eat. I wonder if this will have a positive or negative effect. My diet is pretty bad at the moment. I’m eating a lot of cheese so the baby is going to either love it or hate it. We’ll see…

Lisa x

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