Pregnancy Diary Week 15

Pregnancy Diary Week 15

Pregnancy Diary Week 15 – Week commencing 10th December. This week I feel like I have a little bit more energy. I’m not sure that Chris would agree with that as I’m still falling asleep at the drop of a hat.

I’ve got my glucose tolerance test this Wednesday and I’m expecting to have gestational diabetes again, which is often the case once you’ve had it in a previous pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Isabelle I was only just showing as positive for gestational diabetes so it was purely diet controlled and testing my sugar levels four times a day with a little pin prick machine.

I had to have lots of blood tests and an additional late scan to check the development and size of the baby. It also meant that I was induced at 38 and a half weeks pregnant. I didn’t have a good experience so at first thought that I would go against medical advice and opt for going into natural delivery since I didn’t have any complications or special care when Isabelle was born, but if anything was to happen it would all be my fault so it looks as if I’m backed into the mum guilt corner awaiting my fate.

I’m freezing! I know it’s winter and generally cold but I’m so cold in the evenings. Even in my PJ’s and under a fluffy blanket as well having the central heating and fire on. Everybody else is burning up whilst I’m clutching my blanket around me. Not sure if this is a pregnancy thing or just me!

so I had my glucose tolerance test this morning. Nothing to eat and only water to drink since midnight Tuesday. Of course Wednesday morning I was starving. I couldn’t have my rich tea biccies with a cuppa to stave off the sickness so hello toilet bowl!

I got to the appointment early in the hope that I would be seen early and thankfully I was called in straight away. The first blood test was fine. Not too ouchy. They then give you a cup of orange stuff to drink (not too gross) way better than having to down two bottle of lucozade , and then I had to sit for two hours in the waiting room – doing nothing!

They prefer you not to walk around either so I sat and re-read the Unmumsy Mum Diary. I saw lots of couples arrive and leave again. It was the longest two hours EVER!

Finally I was called by a different lady who took me to do my second blood test. It was brutal. It hurt. She may as well have stabbed me with a knife and collected the drops in her little vial thing. I felt warm and thought I was going to pass out, but no time for that as she ushered me out of the room. Goodbye…….

Back to work and the rest of the day I had a throbbing headache.

Oh and in the afternoon I went to watch Isabelle’s Christmas Concert which was lovely but not so much with a banging headache AND the heavens opened on the way to school so I got a soaking as well.

The rest of the week went by in a blur of work and tiredness.

I feel bad that at the weekend all I want to do is stay at home on the warm. I’m not eating or keeping enough down so I feel slightly weak and feeble. Christmas is nothing but a pain in the bum. There’s food everywhere and everybody wants to go out for Christmas drinks, neither of which I want. Bah humbug!

I hope next week will be a bit better, although it’s work as usual for me until Thursday…….


The baby is the size of a peach, weighing around 70g and measuring about 10.1cm.

The head is in better proportion to the body now. The baby will be covered in a layer of fine hair called lanugo. This will keep he or she warm until they develop a layer of subcutaneous fat that will keep them warm once they are born.

Although the eyelids are fused shut, the baby can recognise light.

They will also be developing their sucking, gasping and swallowing skills and amazingly will be able to hear my voice.

Lisa x

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