Pregnancy Diary Week 19

Pregnancy Diary Week 19

I’m writing this whilst sat in the confines of our local soft play. It’s freezing so I might have to get a cuppa to warm my hands on.

Pregnancy Diary Week 19

My belly has really popped out this last couple of weeks. I should measure it to track my growth. It’s definitely taken on a roundness which still looks like I’m a bit chubby in certain clothes.

I haven’t been sick for four whole days which feels amazing. I still gets bouts of feeling sick but I can cope with that.

Uh oh I spoke too soon!

urgh the sickness has kicked in again as my nose seems to have upped its smell sensors. Yuk!

Spots! I have two lovely volcanic style face eruptions on my chin, you know the kind that concealer won’t stick to.

My hair is also coming out a lot more than usual. I’m not too fussed with this at the moment because I have such thick hair. So long as I don’t develop a bald spot.

I need to start thinking about getting some new clothes now. I really want a pair of skinny jeans with the over the bump bit, but I want to be able to try them on. Nowhere seems to actually stock a decent or even nice range of maternity wear on the high street.

I’m fine for the moment as I tend to wear skirts/dresses and tights most of the time at work and these are stretching with me.

20 Week Scan…..

On Monday! I was excited for the scan anyway, but even more so now that Isabelle is coming along.

I phoned ahead to see if this was a possibility as I know that siblings aren’t really supposed to attend scans, but as she’s older at seven they were more than happy for her to attend.

She’s very excited about this, but is going to be on the look out for a willy just in case it might be a dreaded boy.

We have talked about the possibility that the baby might well be a boy, and that she will totally love it if it is.

We stupidly watched Boss Baby where a little boy gets a baby brother and the Mum and Dad don’t have any time for him anymore as they’re just looking after the baby all of the time. This worried her a bit and she had lots of questions:

  • Are we going to be able to play games with her?
  • Will we love the baby more than her?
  • Will we read to her at bed time anymore?

I think we’ve managed to reassure her that we will still do lots of things with her, just with the baby there as well.

We’re going to involve Isabelle as much as possible so that hopefully she will be absolutely fine with sharing her Mummy and Daddy. Coming to the scan I think will help with this as she’s totally impatient to meet her baby brother or sister as it’s taking ‘AGES’.

Have a great week.

Lisa x