Pregnancy Diary Week 20

Pregnancy Diary Week 20

Pregnancy Diary Week 20 – We’ve hit the half way mark and the bump is growing nicely.

Pregnancy Diary Week 20

Our scan is booked for Monday and I’m really excited to be able to see the baby again.

I rang and asked if it was okay for Isabelle to come with us so that she could see the baby rather than just know it’s there. As she’s seven they said it was fine.

We went to I ibounce on Sunday so that Isabelle could burn off some energy. She loved it although I think Daddy was a bit more than knackered when he was finished.

Scan Day

We dropped Isabelle off at school and picked her up at 11am as arranged. We had to make her a packed lunch otherwise the poor thing wouldn’t get any lunch. As with any outing where we take food this was the focus – she wanted to eat her lunch!

We waited ages on the waiting room as usual and finally our name was called.

The sonographer was not at all happy that Isabelle was with us and wanted to know who had given us permission as it’s not hospital policy to allow children as it’s distracting. I totally understand that but assured her that Isabelle was quite capable of sitting quietly (fingers crossed).

The baby was lying in a really awkward position facing downwards and towards my spine. This made taking measurements really difficult.

The image of the baby wasn’t that great either. We saw arms and legs but it wasn’t a clear whole baby like in previous scans.

Isabelle thought that the baby looked like a fishbone and was more interested in getting inside her packed lunch box.

After much jumping and wiggling by me the Sonographer gave up trying to get the heart measurements as the baby had its arm over its chest.

The result was that we had to be booked in for another scan on Friday when hopefully the baby will have moved position.

I’ve been really super tired this week as I can’t sleep properly due to cramp in my feet and legs. It’s waking me up and I have to get up and walk up and down the bedroom to get rid of it.

I’ve been plagued with this in each pregnancy and it’s totally crippling.

Second Ultrasound Scan

So on Friday we went along for a second 20 week scan so that the measurements could be completed. Fingers crossed that the baby has decided to move.

It’s tempting to find out the sex of the baby but I know that I will regret not keeping it a surprise.

Whilst the baby is still facing downwards it didn’t have its back to us so we saw a lot more than spine!

The heart measurements were taken first which a clear picture was seen and all the measurements were not only taken but awesomely normal. Yey!

After this the Sonographer had a bit of a look around and we had a much better view of the baby including a lovely shot of it’s feet.

It’s really curled up, so much so that it’s actually kicking itself in the head. The scan showed close up of it’s nose, mouth and eye sockets. We also saw as it booted itself in the head.

It was lovely bumping into one of Chris’ friends who is due around the same time as us so it might be nice for him to have a ‘Dad friend’ to do the usual moaning about sleepless nights, baby sick, baby poo and the impending nagging that I will undoubtedly do!

I came out with clutching some lovely pictures, but more importantly all the measurements are completely within the normal range so we got the big tick for a healthy baby so far. Phew.

So what’s next? Is it just me that ticks off the pregnancy to-do list in my head. I have to book in for my whooping cough injection at 23 weeks.

We still haven’t bought anything. I’ve done lots of looking and have a list of things that we’re going to need, but I don’t want to start buying until we’ve finished decluttering the house so that we have some actual space to put things.

I’ve also started to connect with some other mums online who are due around the same time as me which is lovely since I think constant talk of pregnancy and all things baby can bore the hell out of every other human being on the planet.

Have a good week!

Lisa x

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