Pregnancy Diary Week 23

Pregnancy Diary 23 Weeks

Pregnancy Diary Week 23 – A desperate plea to get my Mat B1 at my whooping cough injection appointment.

Pregnancy Diary Week 23

Whooping Cough Injection

Monday I went for my whooping cough injection. The nurse did warn me prior to the injection that I would have a sore arm the next day but jeez! It hurt to lift my arm above elbow height and sleeping on it woke me up during the night. So feeble.

Mat B1 Form Update

I got the Golden Ticket!!!!

I asked if she could fill in the Mat B1 form for me which she couldn’t, but after speaking to the Receptionist she was able to get the doctor to fill this in for me.

It’s official people! My last day at work is Thursday 17th May with a return date of Monday 20th May 2019!


My appetite has finally returned a bit. Chicken is still off the menu but this week I’ve had feta cheese, cous cous, pasta and sauce (unblended sauce) and a hot pot type dish.

There hasΒ  been no sickness this week but have had a couple of near misses. I think that’s down to the awful heartburn that I’ve been getting so Gaviscon is now on the menu most evenings.

I think I’ve got more of a sweet tooth this time or it could be that I’m making up for all the food I could’nt eat at the beginning.

Is it a boy or is it a girl? Isabelle’s Fool Proof Gender prediction

Isabelle is quite annoyed that this baby is a boy. We of course don’t know this BUT when she puts her head on my belly and shouts ‘kick if you’re a boy’ the baby kicks. I have tried to explain that it doesn’t know if it’s a girl or boy and that it’s probably just reacting to her shouting. She thinks she’s got it so Sussed.

Buying for Baby

I bought some baby clothes. Just some little vests and a couple of hats but it’s a start. I also got some of the Dove baby range which smells lovely but not too strong.

We must get all of Isabelle’s bits and pieces out to see what we have that might be suitable.

I also got a delivery of an outfit that I won via the Let’s Talk Mommy blog from The Essential One. I was able to choose the size so opted for newborn. Ryan weighed 6lb 4oz and Isabelle was 6lb 12oz so we had to make a special trip to buy tiny baby clothes so I’d like to be a bit more prepared for a small baby so that they don’t have to be drowned in the first clothes that they wear. Anyway the prize arrived this weeks and it’s just so cute.

Urgh my coat is a bit of a squeeze to do up now which is a bit pants as it’s still quite cold and of course raining nearly every day. It’s my every day coat that is warm and waterproof (my mum coat). I don’t really want to buy a new one so I’m hoping the weather improves so I can wear one of my lighter jackets.


My baby is now the size of a Mango (feels a lot bigger) weighing about 1.1lbs and measuring around 28.9cm and has all the features of a newborn.

It can still do somersaults which I think it’s doing plenty of at the moment.

The lungs are still developing and getting ready to breath following the birth and they still have translucent skin.

Apparently now is the time to start playing soothing music to the baby as noises are more familiar.

So far so good!

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