Pregnancy Diary 30 Weeks

Pregnancy Diary 30 Weeks

Pregnancy Diary 30 Weeks – We’re officially three quarters of the way to being a family of five + pooch. It really is whizzing by and becoming more of a reality. Silly really since it’s not our first, but it never quite feels real until it’s almost upon you. Life is going to be so different again and we’ll have to find our new ‘Normal’. Whatever that might be!

Pregnancy Diary 30 weeks

Back Ache

I’ve been having good days and bad days. Some days I feel fine and am moving around as normal and then out of nowhere I get shooting pains right up through my back which stop me in my tracks. I’ve got physio booked in for next Tuesday so hopefully they will have some tips and exercises to help ease this.


Aarghhhh….This is really getting on my nerves now. I’ve been woken up for nearly the past week by awful leg and foot cramps a couple of times a night which means that I’m knackered during the day PLUS once I’m awake my bladder then springs to life so I need to go for a wee and then I’m totally wide awake.

Easter Holidays

I’m off work for the Easter Holidays with Isabelle which I’m looking forward toΒ  but also a bit nervous about as she’s going to want to be entertained and since moving around is becoming increasingly difficult we may have to look at things we can do mostly at home or not too far away.

We went to watch Peter Rabbit at the cinema today. It’s really funny when you try and squeeze past people when you can’t actually squeeze. Thank god we were only a few seats in from the end of the row.

Dog walking

I do love walking Charlie, but it’s become Chris’ sole job at the moment because of my back pain. I miss not walking him and I think he does as well but once the baby is here, he will be my baby walk buddy so will get lots of outside time. We went out for about 40 minutes yesterday in the pouring rain. It was totally knackering and I might have had a sneaky 20 minutes with my eyes closed when we came back.

Still no pram……

We have still yet to buy both our pram and carseat. The choice at the moment is ridiculous. I really would like the Egg Stroller and there are a couple of the Silvercross prams that I like, but you know what it’s like when you’ve seen what you want and nothing comes close. We just can’t justify the spend on an Egg Stroller which is totally gorgeous. It also comes with a gorgeously grand price tag!

If you do see any good pram offers then do let me know in the comments.

Baby Names

This poor baby is possibly just going to be named ‘baby’ since we can’t agree on names that we like. I’m not one for unusual names but nothing particularly stands out for me. Isabelle’s suggestions of ‘Poo poo toilet head’ aren’t really an option either so hopefully when ‘baby’ arrives we might have a lightbulb moment.


Heartburn is causing me a lot of grief by the end of the day. My bump is still really high up so hopefully this will ease off when my bump drops down a bit. Until then I’ll carry on swigging the Gaviscon (I actually quite like it).


I want to be fully prepared for this as it wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience last time. We had issues with latching and my supply wasn’t great either. I’ve been doing a lot of research on ways to boost supply which I will share with you in separate posts. I’m also going to prepare myself that it might not work out and stock up on bottles, formula and a sterilizer.

Any tips that you have regarding breastfeeding would also be great.

Until next week.

Lisa x