Pregnancy Diary 33 Weeks

Pregnancy Diary 33 Weeks

Pregnancy Diary 33 Weeks – Not long to go now are the words that reverberate around my head as it’s been said so many times.

Pregnancy Diary 33 Weeks

I went back to work today after two weeks off and it was definitely a shock to the system. The sound of the alarm clock in the morning was not welcome at all. It has also made me think that I wish I’d put in the request for my maternity leave to start sooner than two weeks before my due date. I’ve got a feeling that this baby isn’t going to wait that long.

Braxton Hicks

I’ve been getting Braxton Hicks quite a lot over the past week. My bump goes hard and tight and then I get a feeling that my waters are going to burst. It stops me in my tracks and I get the urge to cross my legs ‘just in case’.

Back Ache

Being back to work means that I’ve been moving around much more so my back has been particularly sore as the week has gone on. I’ve been doing my exercises and resting as much as I can which is difficult. It’s also really hard to get comfortable in bed at night so that my bump is comfortable, the baby is comfortable and also in a position that doesn’t aggravate my back. Not easy to achieve.


Hmmm way too much chocolate. I blame Easter entirely and Isabelle is such a bad influence.

It’s nice that I can eat normally with regards to everything else though. Apart from chicken still. I am tempted to try a bit of chicken as it is one of our staple meal items, but as the thought of it makes my nose wrinkle I don’t think I’ll bother.

Hospital Bag

As I’ve got this gut feeling that the baby will be early, I’ve started to wash the baby clothes and bedding and also have got out things for both of our hospital bags….just in case.


Hooray…….We’ve finally decided on our pram.

Whilst I wasn’t in a particular rush to get the pram here in the house, we definitely need to get the carseat here and installed in the car and as we’ve opted for a travel system we needed to get a move on. We’ve opted for the
Ickle Bubba Stomp V4 All-In-One Special Edition Travel SystemΒ in Blueberry. We love that everything is included and that the carrycot top converts into the seat so it cuts down on having to store a separate carrycot top. It also looks gorgeous so I’m looking forward to pushing that around. It also comes with a carseat and isofix base which is a total bonus!

Apart from this I think we just need to get a baby seat, a steriliser and bottles for just in case the breastfeeding doesn’t go to plan.

34 Week Midwife Appointment

Technically I’m not 34 weeks until Sunday but I saw the midwife, had my blood pressure checked and my bump measured. Thankfully I’ve stayed along the 95th centile line so no need for an additional scan at this point and my blood pressure is fine as well.

One of Isabelle’s friends that we spent the day with last week has slapped cheek so my bloods have been sent off to check that I have immunity. All the info that I’ve read and the advice from the midwife is that the risk only seems to be for babies before you hit the 20 week mark but they’ve been sent to Bristol and will update me when she hears back.

We listened to the baby’s heartbeat which was loud and strong and then she had a jolly good poke around to feel which way the baby was facing. It’s currently head down with its spine along my left side and bum at the top with its legs curled under. It totally explains my lopsided bump as both it’s head and bum are more on the left side.

My bump has yet to drop down at all so it’s super round and very hard.


Not much of this happening at the moment. It’s too hot at night and then I can’t get comfy. When I finally do, the baby obviously isn’t so will wriggle until I give in and move. I know I’m driving Chris nuts as I’m fidgety and restless but I can’t help it.

I had a fairly decent sleep the other night where I played my hypnobirthing tracks when I went to bed which I did fall asleep listening to but I do remember feeling super relaxed before going to sleep.

At this stage I could quite happily have an afternoon nap every day, just to rest and give me a little bit of energy. The chance to do this would be nice!

I do keep having birth dreams. In every dream I’m at home on my own with Isabelle and she helps me to give birth. So far I’ve given birth in the bathroom and on the stairs with Isabelle by my side. I really hope this isn’t the case as I don’t want her to be traumatised for life.

Mum Life

Isabelle is mostly great but one of her less desirable qualities is her persistence, especially when she’s been told no. She’s like a dog with a bone and doesn’t like to back down when there’s something that she wants to do.

We were supposed to go to a parade today (Saturday) and then it poured down so we decided not to go and get some house things done ready for the baby. At lunch time she changed her mind which was too late, but it was the total end of the world. The drama began, it was the worse day of her life, could we invite friends over, could we go to an indoor play area, can we phone people…….No……just no. I’m tired and aching from cleaning and tidying.

No just isn’t an option that Isabelle is willing to consider some days so we butt heads for the rest of the afternoon. Daddy comes home and we eat and then I escaped upstairs to avoid any further conflict.


The baby has reached the size of a butternut squash measuring around 43.7cm and weighing about 4lb 4oz (2lbs less than Ryan). They may already have hair – both of the other two had very very fine hair. Their bones are continuing to harden apart from the skull which stays soft to allow passage through the birth canal.

Apparently I may feel and look very pregnant – ticks for both of these!

Oh and I may feel exhausted and worn out – Tick. Tick!

Until next week.

Lisa x