Pregnancy Diary 35 Weeks

Pregnancy Diary 35 Weeks

Pregnancy Diary 35 Weeks – I’m tired, aching all over and the feeling that I’m going to go into early labour won’t go away.

Pregnancy Diary 35 Weeks

The week has started off with Ryan’s 19th Birthday so we went out for a meal which was lovely.

We’re also knee deep in decorating so there is stuff everywhere but it’s moving along nicely so I can’t complain too much.

Sorting through the kids stuff is ridiculous. It’s so hard to get rid of things so I need to get myself some balls and stop being so sentimental.


Sleep is getting harder and harder. I’m knackered but I can’t seem to get comfortable at all. If it’s not my tummy getting in the way it’s my legs getting twitchy or cramps or my back making me uncomfortable. I’m still drinking tonic water which doesn’t make me shudder so much now.


Washing, washing….. so much washing. Yey me I’ve managed to wash all the the baby stuff that we’ve got. I started doing it towards the end of last week and then it poured down which made drying a lot slower. I feel better now this is done so that I can get our bags packed and ready for the hospital.

Baby stuff

We’ve hit a bit of a stumbling block. I ordered the Ickle Bubba Stomp V4 Travel system which comes with the car seat and the delivery time was 3 – 5 days. This then changed to direct delivery from the manufacturer and was left as pending. I left it a few days but having checked again thought I’d better get in touch to find out when it’s likely to come

I could cry! On speaking to the company, it seems that the car seat is currently out of stock and the expected delivery date isn’t until mid May.

I’m not sure what to do now. Do I cancel the order as I really need to get the car seat in the car ready or do we risk it and if the baby does arrive early we could make a mad dash (or Chris can) and buy another one.

Oh I don’t know, this is stressing me out I really want that pram now!

Am I? Am I not?

Today is Monday and I should be at work. Instead I’m at home and have been having all kinds of twinges and pains all day long. I’m not sure if I’ve overdone it or if it’s all starting to kick off.

The pain is coming in waves which is slightly worrying and then it dies down for a while before restarting.

Tuesday I was still getting pains but had a bit of a feeling that I may have a urine infection. I spoke to the midwife who asked me to make an appointment at the practice to have my urine tested.

I tested negative for a urine infection but it showed +2 for glucose do was advised to contact my midwife. It’s too late and a bit pointless to do a further glucose tolerance test but I’m just waiting to hear back to see if I need a further scan.

Getting stuck in the bath

To help ease my back ache I thought it would be good to have a nice relaxing bath which I did, but then I couldn’t get out. I couldn’t get myself upright enough to get out. It was ridiculous. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so helpless in everyday life, and I was home alone so I had to manoeuvre myself in the most un-ladylike manner in order to get myself out.

I’ve promised Chris that I won’t do that again.

No Name

We finally have a couple in the bag but nothing is set in stone as we’re still really undecided. Hopefully the baby will look like a ‘something’ once it’s here and we’ll just know.

Last week I referred to the baby as ‘he’ and set tongues wagging and today I accidentally referred to the baby as she which had my friend wondering.

We’re pretty certain that we’re having a boy which I genuinely cannot confirm either way. It’s just a gut feeling that we’ve pretty much all got and even Isabelle has decided that it’s a boy and quite happy with that. All my labour dreams feature a baby boy so who knows.

Midwife Appointment

Urgh my appointment has thrown me into a bit of a spin! So at the beginning of the week I went to the doctors as I thought I might have a urine infection but it turned out that I had raised glucose instead.

Today I went to see the midwife and it’s still raised and I’m measuring at 37cm which has pushed me further above the 95th centile. The midwife was a bit unsure what needed to be done at this late stage (35wks +4) so phoned the hospital.

They weren’t entirely sure either but suggested a scan and referral to a consultant. My scan isn’t until I reach 36wks + 5 and I just have to wait and see as far as whether I need to see the consultant or if advice will be given.

Of course this then lead onto the possibility of needing to be induced. I was so pleased when this was taken off the table when I tested negative so it’s really pants that this has reared it’s ugly head again.Β  I had a horrible previous experience and really didn’t want it again this time.

As it was my 36 week appointment the intention was to discuss the delivery options. On my want list is (was):

  • A water birth
  • To use my hypnobirthing tracks
  • No Diamorphine
  • No epidural
  • Stitches if needed

I know that labour is unpredictable and of course if the baby shows signs of distress you have to consent for forceps or even an emergency caesarean but it just feels a bit shitty that I’ve got this far and all my wants are likely to be thrown out.

Having slept on it, I don’t feel good about this at all. I suppose I just have to wait and see what happens with the referral to the consultant and also the scan that I’m having on Friday.

It’s Saturday and today marks 29 days until my due date and it’s got me thinking that if I were to be induced we could have the baby as early as 15 days from now. When I was induced with Isabelle I was 39 +1 but I think that it would have been sooner had it not been September when all the Christmas conceived babies are arriving.

Hospital Bags

I panic packed both mine and the baby’s hospital bags at the beginning of the week which I have now repacked in a more orderly manner. I just need to get some snacks and drinks for both Chris and I to see us through.


My baby is now the size of a pineapple, measuring around 46.2cm and weighing about 5.2lbs.

They will be practicing the sucking motion in preparation for it’s first post-birth feed. It’s slowly inching it’s way further down into my pelvis to get ready to come out and some (a lot) of the movements are enough to make me gasp they’re that pokey. This can be further helped by bouncing on a birthing ball or being on all fours and wiggling your hips.

The baby is fully formed but is still putting on weight which they will continue to do until they are born.

It’s also recommended that your hospital bags are packed, the freezer is full and all the important numbers are in plain sight for when the time comes. The numbers are all in my phone, and also on the calendar but I don’t think Chris has bothered to put these in his phone yet which is so helpful.

Aww I’ve just realised that these diary entries will soon be coming to an end………I will have a gorgeous baby to snuggle instead though x

Lisa x

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