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365 Day Penny Challenge

#365daypennychallenge – I’ve just found a post on the 365 Day Penny Challenge where each day you add a penny plus one. So it would go like this:

1st January = 1p
2nd January = 2p
3rd January = 3p
4th January = 4p
5th January = 5p

I think you get the gist. So each day you add a penny plus one so on the 31st December you would add £3.65 to the pot.

This would amount to a whopping £667.95 just by adding to it each day.

I think I’m going to have a go at this. We need to catch up a bit so we need to put away 21p to catch up as we’re now on day 6.

Whose with me?

We’ll link it up to our twitter account which you can follow at @babynotincluded with the hashtag #365daypennychallenge so you can count with us.

What a great way to save up for Christmas, Birthday or to put towards a holiday.

Lisa x


#365daypennychallenge Money Saving Challenge


So last year we looked at ways we could save money without noticing it so much so we started the #365daypennychallenge. You can see our original post here.



We bought one of those tins that you have to open with a tin opener so that nobody would be dipping into it for carpark change or money for the kids lunches.

Isabelle really enjoyed putting the coins in, and we did really great with it.

However, I might do things a bit differently this year as with many people we don’t tend to keep that much cash on us anymore and towards the end of the challenge the amount was far greater so not everybody has that amount to put away.

So I’ve created a downloadable PDF that you can print off and keep next to your saving jar and tick off as and when you do it.


What I thought I might do is around pay day I will pay the higher amounts and then other times I can pay a smaller amount. As long as you tick off the amount that you put in you will still end up with the saved £667.95.

If you have any other great ways of saving money or tips then do pop them in the comments below.

Happy saving!


365 Day Penny Challenge