Pregnancy Diary 37 Weeks

Pregnancy Diary 37 Weeks

Pregnancy Diary 37 Weeks – My last week at work and so glad since each day has been a struggle. I’ve also had lots of Braxton Hicks with lots of ‘am I, am I Not’ moments.

Pregnancy Diary 37 Weeks

I’m really tired this week and each day when I’ve finished work I’m literally hanging so I’ve just eaten and then sat comatose on the sofa watching TV.

The dog has undergone a good summer cut to reduce the amount of fur around the house. We know that dog fur is going to be an ongoing battle since we haven’t had a dog and a baby at the same time before.

I am really looking forward to being able to walk normally post-baby and top of the list is taking my fur baby walking again. I wonder how he’s going to get on walking next to the pram. I’m sure we’ll have a fair few instances where I wheel over him as he is a bit daft.

Midwife appointment

I had my midwife appointment on Tuesday and the head is way down ready which is good. I wasn’t measured this time as it was less than two weeks since I was measured last.

Everything else was fine and although we booked in for my 40 week appointment I would be very surprised if I get to this point.

A further blood test was booked for me due to the slapped cheek incident but this is considered to be low risk as I was well past the twenty week mark.

Thursday was my last day at work and I was treated to lots of cake and donuts and lots of lovely presents. It’s funny when you go on maternity leave as you feel sad but not. I’ve literally been counting down the days because I’m tired and also counting down to meeting the scrummy babes, but I will miss my work family.

I’m wondering how many days of maternity leave I’ll have before the baby comes. Considering how many Braxton Hicks I’m having pretty much all the time I’m guessing I won’t last that long. In fact I’m not sure I’m going to get past the weekend so we’ll see.

Funny Questions

Isabelle is still full of questions and I’m quite honest in answering things with her in a factual way. We’ve never spun her the stork story etc so she knows that the baby is going to come out of my front bottom and is suitably grossed out by this.

Her latest query was the other night was when she wanted to know if the baby could see out of my front bottom like looking out of a window! You’ve got to love how a kids mind works!

She also has lots of breastfeeding queries which I’m sure is going to be an ongoing thing. Hopefully she’ll get bored at some point.

Braxton Hicks

I’m not really sure if I experienced Braxton Hicks that much in my last two pregnancies, but this time I seem to be getting them all the time.

Every day this week I’ve convinced myself that today is the day that the baby will be here. My stomach is tight and pain radiates around my pelvis and into my back in a rhythmic and regular way BUT still no baby.

Winding Down

You may have noticed that I haven’t been as active this last couple of weeks since I just don’t have the energy to do anything. Sitting with my laptop is becoming ridiculous as my laptop is precariously balancing on my lap.

I’ve also been going to bed earlier so that I can listen to my hypnobirthing tracks which I hope will help even in some way to make labour easier.

I want to be as relaxed as I can when this baby comes which in turn will hopefully give the breastfeeding process a better chance of working. My breastfeeding journey with Isabelle wasn’t a smooth or particularly enjoyable experience, one that I hope doesn’t get repeated.

I’m reading like a crazy woman at the moment on Breastfeeding. Everything from latching tips to increasing my milk supply in the hope that third time lucky really is a ‘thing’.


My baby is the size of a Honeydew Melon now weighing around 6.5lbs and measuring about 48.6cm. The baby will gain around half an ounce a day up until they are born.

He or she’s lungs are capable of life outside of the womb and it’s tummy will be full of icky sticky meconium which will be it’s first poo.

The head should be engaged at this point ready for birth.

Until next week………If I make it!

Lisa x

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