Pregnancy Diary 39 Weeks

Pregnancy Diary 39 Weeks

Pregnancy Diary 39 Weeks – The whole of Sunday Isabelle and I were cooped up in my bedroom whilst the downstairs was out of bounds.

We should have gone somewhere but I wanted to be at home even though it was a long and uncomfortable day.

Pregnancy Diary 39 Weeks

The pains started to come early afternoon but as this has been an ongoing thing for the past couple of weeks it’s become the norm so didn’t really think much of it.

However, by around 2am the pain was coming in definite regular waves so I got up and put a bit of TOWIE on whilst I timed them.

They were a bit irregular with variations of 4 – 6 minutes and lasting around 30 – 45 seconds. They were painful but not too bad.

After a couple of hours of this I tried without success to ring the labour ward which was worried me that it was going to be really busy.

Chris at this point was still in bed and I didn’t want to call in the Calvary if I was then told to sit tight at home.

At 5.20am the contractions were every 5 minutes lasting between 40 – 60 seconds and I was advised to take Paracetamol and have a bath. At this point there was a birthing pool available but obviously this could change at any point.

we’re now at 7.20 and I’ve just got out of the bath which has helped. The contractions have slowed down between episodes but are longer when they come.

Think it might be time to think about sorting Isabelle out.

we got back down to 5 mins apart and by some miracle I fell asleep, and they’ve stopped! How’s that for trickery of the highest level.

It’s lunch time and they’ve restarted albeit around 7 and a half minutes apart. I’m getting a lot of baby movement and pressure as if my waters are going to break at any moment.


So annoyed. The contractions have totally tailed off and been replaced by a stitch like pain in my left side which is almost constant.

I’ve not eaten, mostly because I haven’t been hungry so we had something to eat and back to waiting. I phoned the labour ward to make sure that I didn’t need to go in to be checked or something and their advice was to get some rest and wait for it all to kick off again.

The baby is moving around just fine so no worries there.


we’ve got through the night and although I’m aching from head to toe, that’s it. Isabelle is with Nanny and Papa so we’re going to try and have a normal day. I’ve stuck some washing on and now sat having a cuppa.

nothing else significant happened and Isabelle came home and rolled her eyes at me that the promised baby had not arrived.


As nothing has happened so far we went out to get some housey bits and bobs and had a mooch around Matalan who have some really nice homeware stuff.

I overheard a woman comment to her husband about me being a ‘poor maid’ and of course I get lots of sympathetic looks and tilts of the head and ‘ahhh’s’ as if in solidarity.

I have no patience for this now and struggle to find my sense of humour. The last thing I want to hear now is that I haven’t got long to go. I know that and it DOESN’T HELP!

One thing to note is my ability to literally stop traffic! I am the person to follow across a ridiculously busy car park.

We went for lunch in McDonalds where we joked about whether or not it’s true that you get freebies if your waters break in certain places.

I would be pretty mortified if that did happen though.


Poor Isabelle I think is getting a bit fed up of being cooped up but she did make herself a you tube movie theatre where you stick you head in the bottom and through a specially cut hole at the top you can watch.

Daddy went to work which makes me a bit nervous but we have to try and carry on as normal so that he can take the time off when the bubba arrives.

Isabelle made me my lunch today which was really sweet of her.

The house is still in total chaos but there’s not a lot I can do since I’ve ditched the pregnancy waddle in place of a lumbering walk (think wounded bear).


I’ve got my midwife appointment this afternoon which I didn’t take a note of the time since I assumed that I would be cancelling it. Thankfully our surgery texts a confirmation.

At the appointment the baby is definitely engaged and facing the right way but I’m measuring big again. Far more than I should be so I’ve been booked in for another scan on Monday. They will be looking at the amount of amniotic fluid there is around the baby. This was at the upper point of normal at the last one and if this shows too much it could be that the baby’s kidneys aren’t working as they should and a consultant will need to make the decision about getting the baby out rather than waiting.

My urine also had ketones in it which means that I’m dehydrated even though I’ve been drinking loads.

This sucks and I want the baby out more than ever now.


I’ve had a rubbish nights sleep and this morning I wish I’d asked the Midwife a few more questions.

The one that’s bugging me the most is if on the day of the scan if they do decide they need to get the baby out ASAP. I’m worried that I will be admitted there and then and might mean a caesarean or being induced.

I’ve started drinking raspberry tea which apparently strengthens the uterus and also speeds up the labour. I’m also drinking loads more water which means I’m definitely visiting the loo loads.

Chris is at work today so it’s just Belle and I. We’ve had a board game marathon and watched a bit of TV. I think we owe Belle a few fun days after this week being cooped up.


The baby is about the size of a small pumpkin weighing around 7.25lb and measuring about 50cm.

They will be shedding the last of the Vernix Caseosa and will continue to build up a layer of fat that will help regulate their temperature once born.

The baby is more than ready to come now but it’s obviously nice and cosy in their.

It seems that social media has decided for me that I’m having a boy, but as we chose not to find out we’ll see.

Lisa x

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