#CraftyChristmas – Day 10

Crafty Christmas Day 10 – Lets make a Lollipop Stick Christmas Star

We’re really getting into this crafting now, and Isabelle is throwing herself in wholeheartedly wanting to know what we’re going to do next.

I can’t quite remember where I got this idea from, but mentally stored it away as we had some coloured lollipop sticks in our craft box and wasn’t really sure what to do with them.

So today we’ve made a Lollipop Stick Christmas Star.

#CraftyChristmas - Lollipop Stick Christmas Star

You will need:

  • Coloured lollipop sticks which you can get in most craft shops.
  • Coloured craft jewels. We found some sticky-backed ones
  • String or Christmas ribbon
  • Strong glue

First of all add the jewels to the lollipop sticks making sure that you avoid the centre part of each stick where they will be joined together.

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If using glue, wait for these to dry.

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Using a strong glue, glue the sticks together to form your star shape. Not a job for the littles as I proved by sticking the star to my finger. It took quite a lot to get it off, nearly pulling the skin off my finger.

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Once this is dry, turn the star over and attach your string making a loop.

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As soon as the tree is up (I know, you’re way ahead of us) we will be adding our new addition.

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Christmas Tree Pizza Recipe

Christmas Tree Pizza

No excuse needed for making Pizza for dinner, but a Christmas Tree shaped Pizza is guaranteed to give you extra Mum points. To make these pizza’s you could cheat and use a ready made pizza base but we prefer to make our own. Here is the recipe for traditional dough base.

Christmas Tree Pizza Recipe

What you need:

  • 3 cups of strong plain flour
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 teaspoon of fast action dried yeast
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and cover. Leave for half an hour to give the yeast a chance to work.

Christmas Tree Pizza Recipe - Making the dough
Making the Pizza dough

After this time, divide the dough into 4 pieces and flatten with your hands. I then hand cut christmas tree shapes and put onto a greased baking tray.

Christmas Tree Pizza - Cutting the dough into tree shapes
Making Christmas Tree shapes

Using a jar of pizza sauce (can be found in most supermarkets) or use tomato puree mixed with some dried oregano.

Adding the tomato sauce to the Christmas Tree Pizza
Adding the sauce!

Then comes the fun bit of adding the toppings of your choice. I used a selction of peppers, sausage, chicken, salami, tomatoes and cheese. I let both of my kids decide what they wanted on their pizza. Put in the oven on gas mark 6 for approximately 20 minutes and they had them for dinner.

All the topping choices for your Christmas Tree Pizza
Pick your Pizza Toppings
The Christmas Tree Pizza's are ready to go in the oven
Ready to pop in the oven!
The cooked Christmas Tree Pizza's are ready to eat
Ready to eat!

If youโ€™re feeling extra crafty then why not give makingย Handmade Christmas Wrapping Paper or make some Christmas Tree Bunting.