Baby Days – 8 Week Update

Baby Days – 8 Week Update

Baby Days – 8 Week Update – I’ll probably start off by saying this every time, but seriously where has the time gone! Freddie is now eight weeks old and has fitted in like he was always here.


Boy this boy is growing! We’re packing away too small clothes at a ridiculous rate. He was weighed on Wednesday and now weighs 12lb 8oz and is quite long. He feels more sturdy in my arms now but still needs support for his head which he flings about.


He’s smiling a lot now which is awesome. His little crooked smile makes the night feeds and tiredness all worthwhile.

He’s cooing a lot as he takes in his surroundings and I don’t think it will be long before they turn into little chuckles.

Obviously the TV is an attraction with the colours and sounds but he gets very excited when he hears voices but can’t quite see the person and is looking around to find them.

Baby Milestones - 8 Weeks Old today


This morning he was getting very excited, kicking his legs and feet and waving his arms at Daddy’s dressing gown which was hanging on the bedroom door. I think he was waiting for daddy to turn around.


We can now play with toys for around 10 – 15 minutes before he’s had enough.

We have a playmat with dangly toys, lights and sounds but I think his favourite things are bells. We have quite a collection of children’s instruments and shakers from when Isabelle was tiny which all the little ones that visit seem to love including Freddie.

He doesn’t mind tummy time which we do on our bed with his as he can hold his head up but again this is limited to around 10 minutes.

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Freddie is a hungry boy and likes his milk. He was breastfed and then infection struck so went onto formula, but this little boy never gave up on breastfeeding and so we’re currently restarting (did you know you could do that?) with a combination of expressing milk, formula and breastfeeding. It’s not going to be easy but I really didn’t want to stop breastfeeding and clearly Freddie didn’t either!

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I think we’re lucky that we are receiving support to achieve this both from health professionals and local groups. Having watched the Channel 4 documentary on breastfeeding which has raised lots of opinions and highlighted the lack of support across the country was quite sad, but maybe something good will come off the back of it.


We seem to have just fallen into a sort of pattern particularly at night which is a feed at around 8.30-9pm and then he goes down until around 1 – 1.30am and up again around 4am.

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Look at that face x