Learning to Relax – An Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom Salt Bath

Learning to Relax with an Epsom Salt Bath.

Relaxing isn’t something that I’m used to doing. I’ve been a Mum my entire adult life, and there is always something to do. My brain never switches off and the scarce times that I do get some kid-free time I end up doing the ironing, washing or working on my business which isn’t really relaxing.

Having said that, I love my website and now more recently my blog so these never feel a chore as such, but in recent months my ever overworking brain has started not to switch into sleep mode.

I find myself thinking about keywords, search terms, blog topics, which new brands to buy, ooh must remember to order printer cartridges at stupid o’clock in the morning.

This isn’t really doing me much good, as I suffer with neck pain which by some miracle reduced somewhat during my pregnancy with Isabelle, but it’s never completely gone. I still get the tired achiness at the end of the day and at the moment it is particularly bad.

Stress and probably overdoing things contribute hugely to this pain, and once the pain kicks in so do the headaches and overwhelming tiredness, which leaves me in a vicious circle of trying to combat.

I hate taking painkillers and will only do it if absolutely necessary. After being on all sorts of tablets all with nasty side effects, I opted to try alternatives such as acupuncture, seeing a chiropractor, wheat bags, pulse point aromatherapy things, a TENS machine and LOTS of Ibuprofen gel.

Once I’ve pulled myself out of this bout of pain, I need to look at keeping a balance on a day to day basis by trying to avoid stress, getting enough sleep and not taking on too much.

Ha, saying that as a Mum is a bit of a joke.

I used to have baths (pre-Isabelle) after a long day at work but a non-sleeping baby put paid to that and I never really got back into it. On the odd occasion that I do have a bath, I can’t seem to relax and am almost counting down the time that counts as long enough before I get out.

See! I can’t relax.

I need to retrain my brain.

I took part in #Mumshour a few weeks ago where the topic was self-care and somebody mentioned having an  Epsom Salt Bath.

I thought Epsom Salts were what old people used and wasn’t really sure what they were really.

So I had a look and here’s are the benefits:

“Himalayan salt is also known for being an excellent regular body detoxifier, and assisting in waste elimination. It helps to stimulate our digestive and nervous system, as well as working to remove toxins from the body through osmosis via the salt bath. Westlab Himalayan salt also helps leave our skin feeling radiant and smooth, and improves skin tone”.

Himalayan salt contains over 80 minerals, including MagnesiumPotassium and Calcium, which are essential to human life. Who knew! Not me!


Soothes and repairs damaged skin
Anti allergens that protect the skin from rashes caused by allergies
Penetrates skin for a soothing effect on the nervous system
Muscle Relaxation


Benefits include cell renewal
Helps regulation of lipid barrier function
Is an anti oxidant to help protect from DNA damage


Helps muscles to keep their control over the body
Helps with the growth of new cells
Helps reduce stress / anxiety
Reduces risk of high blood pressure

So with all those benefits it was worth a shot.

The recommendation is 250g for a relaxing bath or up to 1kg for a detoxifying soak. The recommended time was 20 minutes.

The salts were pink but didn’t really smell of anything. I added about three handfuls which I think may equate to between a general soak and a detoxifying one.


Get in carefully as I nearly went flying as the bottom of the bath was uber slippery.

I was armed with a book (real paper as not to risk dropping my kindle) and a glass of wine. This may be contradictory with the detoxifying powers but who knows.

The salts made the water very silky feeling but after about 10 (probably 5) I was really itching to get out. However, I was committed to this so I persevered and actually probably was in there for longer than the recommended 20 minutes.

After the bath my skin was really soft. I was still really achy but I felt warm and sleepy. I did sleep all night which hasn’t been happening lately so I’m willing to persevere with this and will continue to have a salt bath maybe once every 7 – 10 days.

Do you have any everyday relaxation tips for us Busy Mums? Leave me a comment.

Lisa x

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