Herodrive Collection Review

Herodrive Collection Review

Herodrive Collection Review – It’s been a while since the house has been filled with traditionally ‘boys toys’ since the last eight years have been dominated by every shade of pink and frills!

Herodrive Collection Review

Freddie is just coming up to six months old and like his big brother loves a ‘car-car’. Ryan was obsessed with anything with wheels on it and would lie down next to the car to watch it’s wheels go round.

Freddie has started to love our plat sessions which I do with him a couple of times a day so I was really excited to introduce him to the Herodrive Collection.

The Herodrive Collection includes the Bat Mobile, the Herodrive Signal Squad and Mash Machines.

A baby playing with a Batman Herodrive toy

Herodrive Bat Racer £24.99

The Hero drive Batman racer is the ultimate Batman vehicle for little hands since it’s nice and chunky. It has lights, and engine sound and music. Push the windshield forward and the wings pop out. Pushing the logo on the hood for unique Batman sounds, and push it again and the Bat Mobile races into action. This is a battery operated car and better still it comes with batteries which eases the stress as parents since little ones are eager to start playing.

Our thoughts

I love all of the Herodrive range and the Batman Racer has been Freddie’s favourite. It’s really chunky and durable making it perfect for toddlers who can be a little bit clumsy. There are no fiddly bits that can snap off which is always good. I really liked the easy way of getting out of the packaging with little key type things that you release which means no scissors or unscrewing. As I already said, each of the cars come with the batteries already installed, but you do have to switch it from demo mode for the full effect. Freddie was totally amused by the Bat Mobile and the dog was quite bemused with all the lights and sounds. The Bar Mobile is supposed to move when you press the button twice but unfortunately this feature doesn’t seem to work on ours. Nevertheless we thought this was a great toy.

A Superman Herodrive car shining the Superman light on a wall

Herodrive Signal Squad Car £12.99

With Hero drive signal squad, you can Patrol Metropolis like Superman! Press the Superman logo to send the Superman Super Signal and protect the city.  The possibilities are endless when you can be faster than a speeding bullet. Collect them all!

A girl playing with a baby boy with a selection of super hero cars

Our Thoughts

This Superman car was possibly the one that appealed to us as Mum and Dad the most with it’s Superman light signal. It’s pretty cool and Freddie was quite captivated by the light which we shone on the walls, floor and on his feet. This car was smaller than the bat mobile so Freddie could hold this one slightly better, and really didn’t want to when it was time to pack away.

A Baby boy holding a Superman car

Herodrive Mash Machines £7.99

These are smaller than the Bat Mobile but are still chunky enough for little hands and are resilient to bashes and bumps. The Herodrive Mash Machines are mash-ups of your favourite DC super friends with rescue and urban vehicles. Each vehicle comes with flashing lights and character sounds. Push the symbol on the front grill to start the action.

A photo of a range of superhero cars

This range is nice and chunky, great for little hands and is suitable from 3 months onwards available from Amazon, Hamleys and ASDA will be sticking from February.

*We were sent the Herodrive Collection for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own.