Eco by Naty Review

Eco by Naty Review

Eco by Naty Review – during your pregnancy there are lots of things to think about for the arrival of your baby. One of these things are products that you will use that will have contact with your baby’s new fragile skin. This is everything from washing powder to shampoo and wet wipes.

Eco by Naty Review

The decision to use washable nappies was made early on, but Chris is not onboard with the decision and so we’ve come to a compromise that we’ll use both which as I’m at home with Freddie will predominantly be washable nappies. I’m also going to give washable Wipes ago which didn’t work out last time.

Isabelle had eczema as a baby which guided our decisions on skincare, making sure that we used gentle and sensitive products. The less chemicals and overall ingredients the better!

We were sent a selection of Eco by Naty products. Eco by Naty is a Swedish brand which makes a selection of baby products including nappies, wet wipes, baby bath and skin care. The brand was developed by Marlene Sandberg a former Corporate Lawyer who saw a gap in the market for environmentally friendly nappies when she became a parent. Eco by Naty is one of the leading brands in eco-friendly nappies and baby products, and as such have received certification by several eco organisations.

Eco By Naty Review

Eco by Naty Nappies

Eco by Naty is the first nappy with OK Biobased Certification from one of the world’s most demanding independent non-profit organisations based on natural and compostable materials. The nappies are non-perfumed with a soft cloth like feel which has been certified by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association. There are no nasty harsh chemicals used making them a great choice for newborn and infant skin.

Our thoughts

The nappies look like any other disposable nappy on the market but have a more papery feel to them. In terms of use, they fasten and look like any other nappy. They aren’t any bulkier and fitted well onto Freddie. As Freddie is a newborn he has his nappy changed quite often and is a heavy wetter. The nappies lasted well with no leaks and no odours between changes. The wet nappy felt quite squidgy which is the only noticeable difference. Overall the nappies did exactly what they are intended for with the added knowledge that they aren’t full of chemicals and are environmentally friendly.

Unscented Wet Wipes

The unscented wipes are made from a renewable plant based material which is 100% natural, GM-Free and 100% compostable. They contain 98.5% water as well as soothing chamomile and aloe extract which help to prevent the causes of nappy rash even on sensitive skin.

Our thoughts

I really liked the wet wipes. We had both a large pack and a travel pack ideal for the changing bag. The wipes were a good size and I liked that they were quite wet which made cleaning Freddie up really easy. They were unscented, but there was a lovely fresh water smell to them which I liked.

Nappy Rash Cream

The healing organic rash cream is made from tried and tested natural ingredients that soothes irritated skin and reduces redness often caused by trapped moisture. The cream is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and can be used daily. It is also fragrance free and includes NO parabens and NO mineral oils. The balm is an effective recipe infused with organically farmed botanicals such as rich shea butter and cooling aloe. Shea butter on its own is a natural baby-care product renowned for its intense concentration of natural vitamins. The infused aloe vera and sunflower oils are adept at calming dry and itching skin.

Our thoughts

Freddie thankfully hasn’t suffered with nappy rash, but on the occasional day has had a little bit of redness on his bottom so I put on a little bit of cream at each nappy change which cleared up within the day. The cream is really soft and smooth and does exactly as it’s intended.

Baby Shampoo

The Eco by Naty Organic Shampoo is fragrance free, contains No parabens and No mineral oils. It is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested made from plant based natural and certified organic materials. It gently cleanses delicate hair and skin and can be used daily.

Our thoughts

As with all of our baby skincare products, we choose our baby shampoo with skin sensitivities in mind. The Naty Shampoo worked really well with only a tiny amount. Freddie is just starting to get cradle cap on his scalp so we’re pleased that this, like the rest of the range is dermatologically tested with no nasty chemicals. The shampoo lathered up well and gave Freddie a clean baby smell following his bath. As we only use a tiny amount the bottle is going to go a long way.

Nappy Bags

The nappy bags are made of natural cornstarch film only so are fully biodegradable and can be composted with the nappy inside.  They come packaged inside a cardboard box which is recyclable and contains 50 bags.

Our thoughts

The nappy bags are easy to use as they dispense through the cardboard box so don’t all unravel if you’re trying to grab one mid nappy change. They have handles for tying the bag once the nappy is inside. I like that you can pop these straight into the compost bin.

Hand Cream

This organically formulated Eco by Naty organic hand cream so it is naturally rich and deeply moisturising with high doses of aloe vera, shea butter (Butryospermum Parkii), Vitamin B5 and olive oil (Olea Europaea Fruit Oil). Naturally derived hydrolyzed keratin, the same protein that serves as the skin’s building block, is also a key ingredient. It strengthens skin by protecting it from free radicals and softens it. An extra bonus is healthier and stronger nails.

Our thoughts

I thought this was a nice touch since you seem to wash your hands an excessive amount of times during the day when you have a newborn. The cream is really lightweight with only the slightest flowery type smell with no greasiness. I’ve been using this every day as I do get a bit of dry skin if I wash my hands a lot and none of the usual dryness has appeared so far which is always a bonus. I’ve kept this on the changing table so that I remember to do it.

Overall I’m impressed with the Eco by Naty range which is widely available in the big supermarkets and you can also sign up for a Nappy Subscription which is delivered direct to you every 3, 4 or 5 weeks.  The nappies are more expensive than other disposable nappies, but you are getting what you pay for with the overall production and quality of the nappies. If you want to try them out you can order a trial box to see what you think.

Since single use plastic is a hot topic at the moment it’s definitely worth considering the switch as the benefits for both your baby and the environment are huge.

Discount Code

Fancy giving Naty Nappies a go? Pop over to the Eco by Naty website and just for you we have a 15% Discount Code. Just add babynotincluded at the checkout (this excludes the subscription service and trial box).

*We were sent a selection of Eco by Naty products for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 
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