Our Family Life 2021 (17/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (17/52)

Monday Freddie and I had a day of playing. He’s just started to take an interest in quieter things such as jigsaws and games. I think this kid is definitely one who needs soft play so he can throw himself around, climb and jump without causing himself any damage. My neighbour messaged me to say she’d left a wizard costume for Freddie on the doorstep which he absolutely loved. We spent a good amount of time playing witches and wizards where he turned me into frogs, pigs and Pooh-poohs!

I really want to ditch the pram now. Freddie is going to be three in June, but there are still some days where the school pick up is just too much for him. Plus we’ve been taking the long way round so that we can take the dog with us as well which the kids enjoy.

Tuesday I had my second COVID jab. It was much quicker than the first as the queues weren’t anything like the first time. I really felt the liquid going into my arm, and the nurse hesitated which was quite sore. I stayed the required 15 minutes afterwards and it felt good to get it over and done with. After my first reaction, I took Paracetamol as soon as it was done and drank extra water. I felt fine apart from a sore arm at the site of the injection.

Wednesday I woke up, still with a sore arm but also with swollen lymph nodes under my arms like last time. I felt really really tired and a bit vacant. Freddie and I had a quiet day of painting and playing. Freddie really doesn’t do things half hearted. He loves crafts so as well as painting his pictures, he painted his face as well.

Thursday I took the day off sick as I really didn’t feel great. As well as feeling tired and generally unwell, my armpits were really swollen and uncomfortable. I was also really cold despite it being a lovely day. I reported these symptoms as per the leaflet I was given and took it easy for the rest of the day.

Friday I still didn’t feel that great, so kept Freddie entertained in the garden with the trampoline. I still felt so cold whilst my neighbour was sat outside in a vest top.

Saturday was such a lovely day. Ryan came over with Luka and we spent the day playing in the garden. Having two nearly three year olds together can sometimes be a bit tricky, as neither of them are particularly great at sharing. Apart from only a few minor spats we managed to have a lovely day. They both learnt that holding onto a ball so the other can’t have it isn’t much fun. It’s much nicer throwing or kicking the ball to each other!

Sunday was another nice weather day, and we went over to my mums to discuss funeral arrangements. We finally have a date for the funeral, so we had to decide on songs, write a eulogy and pick flowers. All this stuff is so hard so. I knew it would be boring for the kids so I promised them subway for lunch afterwards. I don’t think we’ve been there for a couple of years, so we thoroughly enjoyed it. Steak and cheese on toasted Italian bread with sweet onion sauce, hands down is the best.

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