What did you wear to give birth in?

What did you wear to give birth in?

What did you wear to give birth in? To be fair I don’t think this is something that I ever gave that much thought to. The first time round I was fully clothed with my skirt hitched up as the Labour was so dramatically quick.

What Did You Wear To Give Birth In?

Second time round I had on slouchy pyjama bottoms and then when the time came to push just a vest top on.

I want to have the chance to have a water birth this time round but there is a chance that I won’t like it or I have to get out for whatever reason in which case I will have to put a bit more thought into things to pack and change into.

Last time I forgot to pack clothes to come home in so ended up wearing pyjama bottoms rookie mistake!

So, as you do I had a bit of a google search to see if there are any particular items of clothing aimed at giving birth in.

Hospital gown

I suppose this is one option. I’m not sure I was offered. Hospital gown for either of my deliveries, but I assume you can.


A dark coloured nightgown would be a good option I would probably pick one with buttons down the front so that you can have skin to skin straight away. I would definitely go for black for obvious reasons and it might be nice if you like to walk around during labour.

Tankini or bikini top

For a water birth! Is it a ‘thing’ that people having water births do? I have no idea but it could be an option.


Hmm not for me. Giving birth puts you in a totally vulnerable position and whilst it’s natural and all I won’t be gallivanting around butt naked!

Birthing Gowns

As you would expect, there are specifically labelled birthing gowns that you can buy on the market which essentially are nightdresses made from lightweight material making them comfortable to wear.

So with this in mind I think I’m going to take vest tops and a nightie and will most likely wear slouchy jogger type bottoms into the hospital for comfort until it all kicks off.

Here are some of the options that I found but I think I will probably opt for a cheapy one from Primark.

Boob Design Nightdress

Nightdress from Boobdesign which is a bit pricey at £39.99 but is a breastfeeding one as well with a feeding panel.

Mothercare Nightdress

Blooming Marvellous Two Pack of Nursing Camisole Nightdresses from Mothercare – £17.60. I think this are a really good option since they have nursing clips for feeding and you get two, both being black.

This Birthing Gown from Happy Mama which can be bought from Amazon for around £16.00. This comes in a range of colours, but I would definitely opt for black and is front opening and back opening as well as poppers on the shoulder for feeding.

Next Nightdress

This Maternity Nursing Slip from Next is a good option for £24.00. It’s a nice length and has a front opening for skin to skin or feeding. 

Asda Nightdress

This lace trimmed Nightie from Asda is a bargain at £10.00. Super stretchy which makes it easy to feed in.

Envie De Fraise Nightdress

I found this site Envie De Fraise which has a lovely range of nursing nightwear, but this one caught my eye for £29.99.

The Essential One Nightdress

The Essential One also have a great range of Maternity Nightwear and Loungewear. This nightdress is £28.99 and has clips on the straps for easy breastfeeding/skin to skin.

With only eight weeks to go until my due date I need to think about packing both my hospital bag and the baby’s hospital bag.