Pregnancy Diary 27 Weeks

Pregnancy Diary 27 Weeks

Pregnancy Diary 27 Weeks – I know I’ve said this before but this pregnancy seems to be whizzing by. I’m now in my third trimester and am on count down to maternity leave now.

Pregnancy Diary 27 Weeks

There’s still so much to do. I should be soaking up every moment of this pregnancy as this is my third and final baby, but we seem to get caught up in the boring bits of life.

My back is still giving me a lot of pain but I do have a physiotherapy appointment next week, have been using my wheat bag, and trying not to do too much walking around which seems to make it worse actually sitting too much does as well so it’s a no win situation really.


I’ve no doubt that I will breastfeed this baby but it does fill me with anxiety as it was so disastrous last time. I’m going to go into this with an open mind and also a formula back up option just in case. I’m NOT going to stress about this too much.

Oh I’m such a liar! With this and the thought of actually giving birth again it’s nearly sending me over the edge!

Hands up if you’ve had to explain the intricate details of breastfeeding to your kids. Isabelle had decided that she was going to feed the baby when it is born and so I had to explain that I would be the one to feed the baby when it’s born.

But why? She asked.

I was quite surprised that she asked this as she’s seen and been around breastfeeding mothers. Clearly they were discrete enough that she hadn’t realised what they were doing.

This has given her seven year old brain endless amusement.

She’s questioned everything from how the baby gets the milk out to will I be walking down the street with my top off (let’s hope not).

We just know that she’s going to have her beady eyes on me to witness this hilarious (her words) act.

Gestational diabetes

I was told at the time of my glucose tolerance test that if I didn’t hear anything I could assume that it was negative. This should mean that it’s negative but with the snow we had last week causing a backlog at the hospital, I’m not going to assume until I get the actual result which I will get from the midwife when I see her next week.

Giving birth

Nobody is letting this one go. As much as I would like to bury my head in the sand it’s a hot topic since my bump is so pronounced.

I know what I don’t want:

  • Pain
  • A caesarean
  • To tear
  • An epidural
  • To be induced
  • An episiotomy

I just want the baby out once the time comes. I’m not going to plan as such as this hasn’t worked out for me at all.

I wouldn’t mind having a water birth a go as this wasn’t an option previously, the first being too quick and the second the pools were in use.

Would I have a home birth? Probably not. Images of the dog watching and Isabelle either being too interested or ending up traumatised spring to mind.


The baby is now the size of a head of broccoli weighing around 1lb 9oz and measuring about 36.6cm.

The baby can now distinguish the difference between light and day and may have hiccups.

If the baby was born now it would have a chance of survival. I hate reading stuff like this as it’s way too soon for the baby to come considering how many changes happen from day to day.

Apparently if Chris was to put his head on my tummy he may be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat – we must try this.

My appetite should increase at this point, but it’s the complete opposite. I feel full all the time and when I do eat it’s much smaller amounts than I would usually eat. The baby feels like it’s right underneath my ribs and pushing upwards at the moment which isn’t particularly comfortable.

Until next week.

Lisa x