Getting Busy at Halloween with Little Brian Fabric Sticks

Getting Busy at Halloween with Little Brian Fabric Sticks

Getting Busy at Halloween with Little Brian Fabric Sticks – You only have to take a look around our house to know that we’re crafty so n so’s. We bought craft drawers for Isabelle, but these are fit to bursting so there are random deposits of bits and bobs around the house.

An image of a pumpkin and Brians Paint Sticks in a cobweb shaped basket

Craft stuff is the one thing that I really don’t think you can have too much of when you have children. Rainy days are made for craft projects, and great for an after school activity.

We were sent two packs of paint sticks, one that you use on paper or card and another that you use on fabric. We were given the Bumper 24 pack which includes primary colours, neon colours and metallic colours.

A set of Brians Paint Sticks laid out to look like a smiling face

Paint Sticks

Little Brian Paint Sticks look like glue sticks, and are used in the same way with a twistable bottom which pushes up the colour. The paints are water soluble and child friendly as well as drying in just a couple of minutes. No brushes or water are required to use these paints. The colours are really bright and the sticks are easy for small hands to handle.

A picture of a piece of paper with a butterfly drawn on

Isabelle was very excited to use these since we’ve never seen anything like them before. The colours are really bright so there’s no need to press very hard at all to get a lovely bright colour. The age recommendation for the paint sticks is three, but I think these would be a great introduction for Freddie when he’s a bit bigger.

An image of a seven year old girl painting a rainbow with Brians Paint Stick

I feel that we gave the paint sticks a good testing since we now have a good stack of new drawings for the fridge. Freddie and I (ok, maybe just me) painted a butterfly and Isabelle gave blending a little go with a little bit of water and a brush to create flowers.

A picture of a seven year old girl painting a pumpkin on a white tshirt with Brians Fabric SticksA picture of a white t-shirt with a pumpkin painted on using Brians Fabric Paint SticksAn image of a girl painting a pumpkin on a white t-shirt using Brians Fabric Paint sticksAn image of a white t-shirt with a pumpkin painted using Little Brians Fabric Paint Sticks

Fabric Sticks

Again, the Fabric Sticks work in the same way as a glue stick, are easy to glide onto fabric leaving a vibrant colour. We thought we’d give t-shirt designing for Isabelle a go as well as designing a cute halloween vest for Freddie to wear as well.

To make your t-shirt design, you need a plain t-shirt and a piece of card which you insert in the middle of the t-shirt so that the colour doesn’t bleed through onto the back of the t-shirt. Get as creative as you like and then seal the design by ironing the reverse of the t-shirt. Once complete these can be washed in a normalΒ  40 degree wash.

Both the Paint Sticks and the Fabric Sticks can be bought from Amazon and Tesco’s and would make a great Christmas present. Oh and just to put your mind at ease, the casings and lids of the paint sticks are fully recyclable which is always good to know.

Little Brian Fabric Sticks 12 pack – Β£12.99

Little Brian Paint Sticks 24 pack – Β£14.99Β 

Our thoughts

The Paint Sticks went down a storm with Isabelle. They were easy to use and achieved a lovely bright colour. It was great that we didn’t have to use brushes and water, although we did give the blending a go to make a flower picture.

The Fabric sticks took a few attempts to get the hang of since the material kept bunching up so we used bulldog clips to keep the t-shirt in place.

The colour choices in both packs were great and we had a lot of fun making our halloween costumes. The proof is in the pudding – look at these two cuties!

A seen year old girl wearing a white t-shirt with a pumpkin painted on the front using Little Brians Fabric Paint Sticks

*We were sent both paint sticks and fabric sticks for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.