Lollipets Interactive Pets Review

Lollipets Interactive Pets Review

Lollipets Interactive Pets Review – Have you seen the latest interactive pets from Spinmaster. With 20 characters to collect including mice, elephants and rabbits.

Isabelle was asked to review a selection of the Lollipets which she was very excited about. We received:

Hazel the dog from Cake Pop Coast, Smushy the Mouse from Marshmallow Meadows and Echo the Elephant from Cake Pop Coast.

The single packs retail at £7.99 and the double packs at £14.99 which I thought was a reasonable price.

What are Lollipets?

Lollipets are the latest collectible interactive toys from Spinmaster. Each pet comes with its own lollipop which is used to control the pet:

Holding the lollipop in front of the pet will make them chase it.

Hover the lollipop above the pet to see them hop.

Chase them with the lollipop from behind.

Make them dodge the lollipop by holding it to their side.

They also interact with other pets by giving them a kiss.

You can switch the pets on and off by a switch underneath, and they can be paired to their lollipop which sticks magnetically when you put them away.

The pets are small enough that you can take them with you to keep the kids entertained.

Our Thoughts

Isabelle loves the Lollipets and was very pleased in particular to receive the elephant which she’d hoped to get.

Freddie took a keen interest in these and now that he’s crawling there’s no stopping him from chasing them.

Isabelle played with these a lot over the half-term and when her friend came to stay they each chose one to look after. They now live in her princess castle when she’s not playing with them.

From a parents point of view I thought these were a great toy and something you could stash away in the birthday box for upcoming birthday parties. They’re reasonable priced as well.

What collectibles are your kids covering at the moment?


*we were sent a selection of Lollipets for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.