Personalised Kids Stationery from GiftPup

Back to School with Personalised Kids Stationery

It literally feels like the kids have only just gone back to school, yet here we are edging our way to yet another school holiday. Isabelle’s school do things a bit different in that they lump all the teacher training days together so that we end up with a two week break instead of one.

In some ways it’s great but not so much if you’re looking for holiday club type childcare which doesn’t exist during the first week. Thankfully this isn’t an issue for us, and it does mean you can have an October break a bit cheaper if you go in the first week.

Personailsed Kids Stationery from GiftPup the online personalised gift shop. They offer a great selection of kids stationery perfect for getting the kds back to school

Starting Year 4

Isabelle went into year 4 in September which, as with every new school year she gets quite anxious about everything from not liking her teacher to who she’s going to be sat next to.

Being in year 4 means that there’s less play and more work, but there are also some perks like being able to take your own pencil case. Isabelle, like me is a magpie to stationery and loves everything from gorgeous notebooks to pastel coloured paperclips.

A couple of weeks before she went back to school she got her bag ready and not one, not two but THREE pencil cases full of pens, pencils, erasers and highlighters. There was enough to supply the whole class so we had to come to a bit of a compromise with the amount she was allowed to take.

Personalised Unicorn stainless steel water bottle is great for making sure the kids stay hydrated whilst at school. It can be easily clipped onto their schoolbag and as it's personalised should be easily identifiable

Personalised Stationery is the way to go

Obviously as parents we encourage sharing, but there have been many occasions when some of her things have been borrowed by her classmates and not returned so either name label stickers or better still personalised stationery is a great way of things not ‘going missing’.

Isabelle was kindly gifted some personalised stationery from GiftPup who do a range of gifts for every occasion and can be personalised as an added touch. I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that all kids love things with their own name on it and even better if it features a unicorn on it.

We received a set of twelve white glittery rubber topped pencils that are personalised with Isabelle’s name. They came in a white presentation box all sharpened and it was very satisfying to see twelve unused pencils all lined up, must be the stationery lover in me.

Isabelle still does the majority of her work in pencil since she has yet to gain her pen license (ridiculous if you ask me) and does a lot of drawing at home so we’ve always got a lot of need for pencils. She has been particularly precious about these pencils and likes to keep them in the box all nice and neat.

We were also sent a Unicorn Notebook which says ‘Isabelle was born to ride unicorns”. She is going to use the notebook to keep note of the books that she reads at home so that she can do the online quiz at school which increases her reading level.

Personalised kids water bottle and notebook. Perfect for going back to school

Personalised Water Bottle

As well as the notebook and pencils we were sent a Personalised Water Bottle in keeping with the unicorn theme. I think this was our favourite thing since water bottles seem to disappear off the face of the earth on a regular basis. It’s an aluminium bottle which comes with two lids. A screw top drinking cap and and a hand carabiner clip which could be clipped onto a school bag. It’s a nice size (600ml) so perfect for taking to school.

A Little bit about GiftPup

GiftPup offers a range of Personalised Gifts for Men, Women and Children for all occasions from the Birth of a Baby to a Wedding Celebration.

To help you decide on your gift there are a range of options to choose from including gender, budget and the relationship of the person you’re buying for. This narrows down your search and helps you choose a gift they will enjoy.

There’s loads to choose from so pop over and have a browse.

Our Thoughts

Isabelle was very pleased with the items she received. She’s totally into unicorns and her name being on everything is just the icing in the cake. As a Mum, it’s great having things for school that stand out from her friends stuff, and less stuff to label is even better.

Our favourite item is the water bottle which is a great size and has been keeping her drinks cool which is great. Isabelle loves that it can clip onto her bag!

*We were sent some items for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.