Pregnancy Diary – What I ate in a day

Pregnancy Diary – What I ate in a Day!

Pregnancy Diary – What I ate in a Day! My diet during this pregnancy hasn’t been great. I was so unbelievably sick at the beginning and didn’t want to eat barely anything. Smells have been a particular problem this time. Literally everybody on the planet or certainly that work with me eat garlic every single day.

Pregnancy Diary What I Ate In A Day

Textures have also been an issue this time. I’ve reverted into a fussy child who doesn’t like lumps in her pasta and I could weed out the smallest piece of onion from a mile away.

I pretty much lived on cheese, crackers and crisps. I could also eat fruit and yoghurt if the mood struck.

My evening meals were a basic rotation of jacket potato with cheese, beans on toast and cheese on toast. I also ate the occasional roast dinner but with very little vegetables. Not sure what the not liking veg this time round is all about.

Based on this salty diet I think a lot of people are convinced that this baby is going to be a boy BUT this is exactly the same diet I had with both previous pregnancies and I’ve had a girl and a boy so we’ll see.

Anyhow, it’s so nice to have an actual appetite and not be totally repulsed by food so I thought I would share what I ate today. I haven’t put any special thought into this to make you think that I’m super healthy. I’m off work so it’s probably not as good as it would normally be since I have all day access to the cupboards and fridge.





I don’t think that was too much or too bad.

I think I probably need to eat a bit more fruit and veg but I’ve been drinking a lot of water. It is lovely to be able to cook as well as eat like a normal person again.

Lisa x