Pregnancy Diary – Finding Out

Pregnancy Diary – Finding out

2nd October 2017 – So if the title of the post wasn’t clue enough it would appear that we’re pregnant! I thought I would start a Pregnancy Diary both for myself as well as sharing the ups and downs with you guys. So here is my finding out post.

Pregnancy Diary - Finding our

You may or may not have seen my little announcement on Instagram (at the bottom) where a very excited Isabelle is telling the world (or a very small portion).

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy for the last few weeks. Really tired and not really retaining any new information which as I’ve just started a new job has really messed with my head. One of my usual strengths is my weird memory and the ability to retain lots of information useful or not. Since starting my new job my memory has got the better of me, and I’m relying heavily on my notes as I can’t seem to remember the easiest of things.

My sickness record is usually ace, but I’ve already taken two days off with a sickness bug in the two months of starting the job.

Who knew that the sickness bug was actually a baby bug!

Taking a Pregnancy Test

I’ve been using an app to track my periods. I only starting doing this as we went on holiday in August and I was monitoring it so that if my period was due I could go to the doctors and get the tablet that stops your period so that I could go swimming and wear nice clothes.

The app calculated that I was 14 days late, but I wouldn’t allow myself to think that it could be positive. I even joked that I was starting menopause early!

I did the test and we sat and waited to see if the two lines appeared – and they did, bold as brass.

I’m writing this part only two days after finding out, and I think I’m still in shock. Good shock.

I didn’t want my baby days to be over, but at 36 I didn’t think there were going to be any more for us.

The app has a pregnancy feature which you can switch to pregnancy mode which works out how many weeks you are based on your last period.

When I switched the app to pregnancy mode it worked out that I was 7 weeks pregnant.

I’m not sure how accurate this will be as with both other children I’ve been further along than expected each time. Both times I had a period at the beginning of my period which skewiffed the dates.

How I’m Feeling

Since my sickness bug (baby bug) I’ve been feeling really nauseous every day. Fingers crossed that it won’t be so bad this time, but based on both other pregnancies I may be feeling sick right up until labour day.

Pregnancy gives me a huge hate hate relationship with food. Everything makes me feel sick unless it’s something that I really fancy and it appears before me within seconds.

I’m still drinking tea at the moment but already the taste of milk is overtaking so I don’t think it will be long before I pack that in.

My sense of smell is going into overdrive. All I can smell is GARLIC – I like garlic, but I can smell it everywhere. Catching the bus to work is a killer! Garlic breath, overpowering perfume, and smelly people are sending me over the edge. I have a pocket full of hard-boiled sweets to try and stop me gagging or worse – WHAT IF I’M SICK ON THE BUS!

Clearly, the pregnancy is a secret at the moment. It’s nice having the secret because it’s a nice secret! The knowing secret looks between Chris and I are nice, but I really must stop rubbing my belly.

I’ve made my first appointment with the midwife for Friday 13th (hmm I might change that).

So for now it’s all nod nod wink wink between Chris and I and me doing all I can not to throw up on the bus, at work or on the dog (he stinks as well)!


Lisa x

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