#Blogmas – Secret Santa Present Ideas

#Blogmas – Secret Santa Present Ideas

Arghhhhhh…..We’ve reached that time of year when there are Christmas parties left right and centre and the work Secret Santa. In previous years I think I’ve been much more confident with this as I knew my colleagues quite well and had sussed their sense of humour or lack of if appropriate. This year I have a bunch of brand new colleagues so I may have to play it safe. Here are my Secret Santa Present Ideas……..

Ps – If you are one of my new colleagues reading this – My actual Secret Santa present is not listed. How stoopid do you think I am!!!

There is usually a price cap on work Secret Santa Presents. Ours is a spend of no more than £5.00 but add some up to £10.00 as well.

Secret Santa Present Ideas

1 – Snowman Hot Chocolate kit from Sainsburys – £5.00  

2 – A Laugh on the Loo Book from Next – £5.00

3 – A Definition of Stress Mug from Find me a Gift – £4.99

4 – Top Drunk Cards from Prezzy Box – £4.99

5 – White Pom Pom Front Knitted Socks from New Look – £4.89

6 – Hurrah for Gin: The Daily Struggles of Archie Adams (Aged 2 1/4) from Amazon  – £4.99

7 – Disney Cinderella To-Do List Pad from Debenhams – £5.60

Secret Santa Present Ideas


8 – Pink Glitter Cup from Sainsbury’s – £5.00

9 – Desk Warning Sign – Senior Moment from Find me a Gift -£4.99

10 – A Poo Lolly from Prezzy Box – £3.99

11 – Bailey Mug Set from B&M – £4.99

12 – Henry Desk Vacuum from Find me a Gift – £9.99

13 – Prosecco Pong from Party Ark  – £9.99

14 – Spa Soap Gift set from Etsy – £10.00

What are you buying for your Secret Santa gift? Leave me a comment below.

Lisa x