How to cope with the kids in the hot weather!

How to cope with the kids in the hot weather!

How to cope with the kids in the hot weather.


We moan when it’s raining!

And we moan when it’s cold!

We also moan when it’s cold and it’s raining!

Lets’s face it, whatever the weather us Brits LOVE to have a good old moan about it!

How to cope with the kids in hot weather

It’s no secret that I’m not a HOT day person. I don’t cope very well in the heat. I suffered from heat sickness as a child and really don’t cope very well. I’m irritable and ratty, and everything feels like such a chore in the sweltering heat!

You won’t find me sitting at the side of the pool sunbathing!

You’re more likely to find me hiding away inside or tucked neatly under a huge sun umbrella with my VERY white legs.  On the subject of that, I do look odd in the summer with my tanned face, arms, and feet, and the rest of my body as white as can be. Haha!

Having kids and actually having to do stuff in the sun can be a chore.

Having a baby in the heat can be the pits when they constantly want to be carried and cuddled.

So what can you do to stay cool both in and out of the home?

At Home

  • Dress your baby or child appropriately at night – light clothing (cotton is best) such as a vest or short babygro and thin shorty pyjamas or nightie for older ones. A light cotton sheet instead of the usual bedding or sleeping bag may be better (especially if the room is over 25 degrees).
  • An hour or two before bedtime, have the windows and doors to the nursery or bedroom open to allow air to circulate through.
  • Air conditioning – Hmm yes I wish!
  • Have drinks available at all times so that little ones can drink throughout the day.
  • For older ones, freeze strawberries, raspberries, and halved grapes and add to drinks instead of ice cubes which doubles up as a sneaky fruity treat.
  • I’ve never done this one personally, but I have heard that it’s a good idea to open your loft hatch which will allow further heat to go up through the house (as heat rises).
  • A quick lukewarm or cool bath before bedtime to relieve clammy skin may help.
  • Make yourself a water spray by filling up a spray bottle (you can buy in most chemists) and keep in the fridge. Spray over the face at a good arm’s length for a gentle mist of cool water.
  • A thermometer in the room would be good so that you can dress them appropriately.
  • Fill a bottle with water and freeze. Put this in the room which will cool the air – an ideal place would be in front of a fan.
  • As difficult as it is for all concerned, try and keep the bedtime routine as calm as possible as the more irritable the hotter you all get.

Out and About

  • Babies under six months should not be exposed to direct sunlight so using appropriate sun shades for your pram, car shades and ensuring that you sit in shaded areas are a must.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. Cotton is always good for keeping cool so dressing as simple as possible on hot days makes it cooler for baby and less faff for mum and dad.
  • The sun is at its hottest between 11 am – 3 pm so trying to plan outdoor activities outside of this time would be good but not always avoidable. Have regular breaks from the direct sun which could tie in nicely with drink breaks.
  • Making sure that you apply suncream every day with several top-ups during the day. I’m not going to preach on suncreams but even the once-a-day creams are said to lose their efficiency after 60 – 90 minutes so regular top-ups should be done. The lowest recommended is factor 15 but we always use a higher factor than this.
  • Keeping cool can also be fun. Fill up a paddling pool, give them bottles, cups, and a tea-set if they have one and this will keep them happy and cool.
  • Buy a sunsuit that will also protect them from the sun for beach days and paddling pools.
  • Wearing a Sun Hat which has a wide brim with neck protection for added protection. There are various brands, some of which have UV and UVA filters. Having a wider brim gives them protection also for their faces, ears, and necks which can be easily burnt.

Eating and Drinking

  • Breastfed babies may want to feed more often to avoid hydration.
  • Bottle-fed babies could be given additional boiled cooled water.
  • As above make sure that drinks are accessible throughout the day. We recently made Strawberry and Raspberry Lemonade which was a lovely treat.
  • For older babies and children you can also help by giving them ice cubes (actually very amusing for babies) and ice lollies which not only taste great but an additional way to get fluids into them (I will add some ice lolly recipes to the blog but to get you started try the Blueberry Yoghurt Bites).
  • For babies, over six months old and toddlers you could try freezing some of their favourite fruit which is also great for teething.
  • Both babies and children may eat less in the heat as do us adults so adapt food so that they eat little but often. Keep meals simple such as filled pittas, kebabs (meat, veg, and fruit), dips, jacket potatoes, pizzas, salads, grilled meat which can be easily put together and can be picked at.

I’m no expert so these are the many things that we’ve googled over the seventeen years of parenting we’ve done so far.

How to cope with kids during the hot weather


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Fun Summer Activities to Do at Home

Fun Summer Activities to Do at Home By Ty Schmidt

It’s something everyone always told me would happen, but I didn’t believe it until it happened to me. My dear 18-month-old son has developed into something they all said he would. A sponge. From the ground up, that is what he is on a daily basis. He picks up everything, from words and actions to a general understanding of all things happening around him. And while this is super (just what any parent of a toddler longs for during those sleepless nights of newborn-hood), it comes with its fair share of considerations.

Among them is how best to keep this young mind occupied with all things learning while he’s awake. He still sleeps enough to make most adults envy him, but how do you engage him while he’s awake. If your answer is PBS Kids or Disney Junior, you’re not alone. But you shouldn’t have to live that way, and neither should your toddler. There isn’t anything particularly wrong with Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse, the Wild Kratts, or Curious George. Each show has its own empirical charm. Yet there is more you can be doing with these warm summer days than learning how George most efficiently packages a grocery bag.

Summer Activities for kids

Live a little this summer by keeping these fun summer activities in mind:

DIY season. With the exception of the dead of winter when literally nothing else is going on, summer is one of the best times to get those creative juices flowing. Siphon them into something meaningful with a do-it-yourself theme to at least one day a week this summer. It doesn’t even have to be the same day. Just choose one day a week when you indulge in all things creative (like a homemade water slide) and really bring it to life.

Summer loving. For most of us, summer is a time that involves making the most of water. As a Midwesterner, one comes to appreciate the water of summer, be it in pools, water balloons, water tables, or basically any form. Find ways to embrace the simplicity of water this summer. You won’t regret it.

Camp comes home. Channel your inner child and embrace what he or she shares with you about fun things you did to stay occupied in the summer months. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but things like a family campout in the backyard or family game night outside can fill those hot summer nights with a purpose that breathes life into everything you do.

Get cooking. I didn’t cook much with my mother growing up, and I wish I had. While I refuse to live vicariously through my children, I have already decided to involve them more in the food preparation for our family as they grow old enough to understand the purpose behind what they’re doing. From chopping the ingredients to fresh homemade salsa to understanding what grows in our garden, it is never too young to start teaching little ones about where food comes from and the importance of eating well.

For more ideas and inspiration, head to Fun Summer Activities to Do at Home

*This is a collaborative post with Modernize Home Services.