Creating a Personal Zen Den at Home

The Forgotten Art of Creating a Personal Zen Den at Home

The Forgotten Art of Creating a Personal Zen Den at Home – With the kind of busy lives that most of us lead in the current day and age, it is important for us to spare some time for ourselves as well. It is important for every person to spend at least 20-30 minutes every day doing things that they like without any distractions.

Creating A Personal Zen Den At Home

A Personal Zen Den is the way to do it

The best way to indulge in your passion without any distractions is to build yourself a Zen Den. Create your own corner in the house, and utilise it the way you like. Retire yourself to your Zen Den whenever you need some alone-time or if you want to move away from the distractions of your daily life. You can also use some calming furniture and decorations such as a faux boxwood with scented and colourful flowers. This will help to create a peaceful environment for you to focus better on your passions.

Zen Dens do not necessarily need huge spaces

There was a time when ‘Man-Caves’ and ‘She-Sheds’, for men and women respectively, were very popular. It allowed men and women to spend quality time all by themselves and in a setting away from the other people in their lives. Some of these establishments have also been set up outdoors, around large trees and plants or a big artificial tree.

They, however, are a thing of the past, and they use up large spaces unnecessarily. Zen Dens, on the other hand, can be built in small spaces as well. All you required is the bare necessities to indulge in your passions. You can even set up your “space” around a chair and a coffee table in one corner of your bedroom or living room. Or you could decorate your Zen Den using artificial plants wholesale. You can get wholesale artificial trees online or at a local store to decorate the place according to your liking.

A peaceful setting in the Zen Den is of utmost importance

In order to spend some time in peace, you need to have a peaceful setting and environment. You cannot focus on your passion and activities if there is the possibility of even the slightest of distractions. Hence, it is important to set up your Zen Den in a secluded spot in the house, away from all the noises and disturbances. You can also utilize certain noise-reduction techniques and machinery and embed them in decoration pieces like a faux tree trunk to ensure that it reduces the noises while improving the décor of your “space”.

Importance of choosing the ideal spot for developing a Zen Den

You cannot simply set up a Zen Den in any corner of the house. There are a number of critical aspects that must be considered. Some of them include:

• You must have a personal attachment to the spot you choose to call your “Zenning Space”
• The spot must be as far away as possible from any noises and distractions
• There must be adequate room to accommodate all the necessities of your Zen Den
• The spot must have some form of greenery to accommodate a peaceful ambiance. You can also make use of miniature or huge artificial trees to create the perfect ambiance
• The area must be spotlessly clean and devoid of any foul smell that could cause you any discomfort.

So, all you need to do is choose a suitable spot in the house and the amount of space you need, and develop it the way you like it. Decorate it the way you like and use items that create a soothing and calming effect on you. You can also use some artificial vines around the spot for the same.
Incorporate some positive energy in the Zen Den

Your Zen Den is your zone of creativity, where you spend some productive time doing things you like. Hence, you must incorporate some positive energy into the surrounding area to help you improve your productivity. You can do so by inscribing your favorite motivational quotes on a placard or a fake tree bark and keeping it in sight. You can also use some fragrant candles or scented incense sticks to help you create a positive ambiance in the area.

The objective is to prevent any negative energy from invading the space, which could reduce your creativity. Also, try to keep your phones, laptops and other such devices away while you are in your Zen Den. That will also help you to stay positive and focused.

Surround yourself with items related to your passion

If you have a passion for reading, you should surround yourself with the books and novels that you intend to read in the near future. If you have a passion for art, you should keep some beautiful artwork in the vicinity. This will help you to stay focused and ensure that you are able to progress at a suitable pace. Just because you are in a relaxing environment does not mean that you simply lay back and relax, instead of carrying out the activities you planned to do.

Creating outdoor Zen Dens can also be highly effective

If you fail to find a suitable spot inside the house to create a Zen Den, why not consider an outdoor spot. Find a location in your lawn and create a “Space” for yourself there. Set up such a spot around an acacia tree and chill out with nature. This can also be very healthy for your body as you will be able to spend quality time outdoors smelling the fresh air and taking in some much-needed sunlight.

Play soft music while you are “Zenning Out”

If you like listening to soft music, it would not be an entirely bad idea to play some of that music while you are indulging in your passion. Music always tends to have a soothing effect on the human mind and can be highly effective in helping your mind and body to relax.

The art of creating and utilising personal Zen Dens at home is slowly being lost. This is primarily due to the fact that we always have so much to do and so little to achieve all that we want to. However, setting aside a little time every day to indulge in your passions can have a tremendous positive impact on the productivity of your mind and body. This will help you to cope with the stresses of your daily lives much better.

* This was a collaborative post.