10 Month Baby Update

10 Month Baby Update

10 Month Baby Update – we’ve hit double digits and this little boy us getting more fun every day.

A 10 month old baby standing holding a baby teether

New Stuff

  • He hates getting changed or dressed and will struggle and roll away. Crawling and rolling away with no clothes on is his favourite and makes him laugh so much
  • Laughing – actually chuckling at things rather than being tickled
  • Baby chat – he loves to chat away and laugh to himself. So flipping cute!
  • Pulling himself up and down quite swiftly without any problems
  • Opening drawers and cupboards
  • Standing for a few seconds without holding on
  • Sofa surfing – he’s just started to move around holding onto the sofa


  • Being on the move. None of our kids have been very good at sitting still
  • Music – he likes singing (or my attempts) nursery rhymes
  • Banging – he has a toy hammer that he likes to bang on the floor and on other toys
  • Things in a box or a bag. I put things in a box or bag for him to find whilst I need to get things done
  • Isabelle being silly. Hi holing faces, crawling around after him or playing peek-a-Boo. He loves it!
  • Cuddles – he likes to put his head on your shoulder and clings to you and says ‘ahhh’


  • Sitting still
  • Getting changed or dressed
  • Having his face wiped


He’s currently got nine teeth and I think we’ve got another one on the way as he’s had red cheeks and been off his food for the last few days.


He loves to play with the best bit standing at his toy box turfing everything out onto the floor. He likes cars which we push across the floor and he goes after them. Building blocks up so that he can knock them down so he can clap to himself is also a big hit.

We have a toy basket downstairs and one upstairs which we swap around so that it’s a bit exciting when he sees a toy that he hasn’t seen for a day or two.


I haven’t had him weighed this month but he’s wearing mostly 9 – 12 Month clothes. The tops are fine but he keeps crawling out of some of his trousers which fit him lengthways but are too big around the waist.


This is going really well. His favourite food is fruit and he’s willing try everything that we give him.

I have tried to give him the odd blitzed meal just to save on the cleaning up but he doesn’t seem to want to open his mouth unless he’s the one putting the food in it. We’ve been documenting this on our Instagram feed if you’re looking for any meal inspiration.


Urgh I feel like this is going to be a fraught topic each month. He’s feeding really well, just mostly at night! He’s feeding most hourly and quite frankly I’m knackered.

He feeds during the day but he seems to like to feed in the quiet and dark which would be great if I didn’t need to get up and sorted every morning for the school run or maybe if I got the chance to have a day time nap it wouldn’t be so bad.


Or lack of. Freddie’s feeding almost hourly at the moment so neither of us is getting enough sleep but his day time naps are pretty non-existent as well. He might have about half an hour in the morning and maybe (but mostly not) another half an hour in the afternoon.

I’ve tried sitting on the bed without any noise to get him to go down and taking him out for a walk but it just seems to be pot luck whether or not he sleeps.

If we don’t get an afternoon nap in then dinner time becomes a bit of a nightmare. He’s too tired to eat and we then limp on until his bedtime feed at 7pm.

Having reread all of the above it’s a bit doom and gloom which in fact it isn’t. He’s such a character now whose already shown his mischievous side. He loves to be around all of us, playing with his toys, chasing him around or singing songs. Although he doesn’t sleep a lot, he doesn’t cry a lot which I think is what keeps me together.

How do you get through the knackering days which seem to go by in a huge blur?

Lisa x

10 thoughts to “10 Month Baby Update”

  1. Awww sounds like he is growing up very well, our little man loved couch surfing probably more than anything else.

  2. Oh ten months old is such a fun but tiring age. I love these types of posts though, it’s a great ways to compare little ones and celebrate their milestones.

  3. Ah what a lovely update! It’s such a nice stage when they start engaging more, learning to stand and trying to talk! Enjoy it!!

  4. Ahhhh he’s doing so well. I feel your pain with the night feeding at and 11 months old and sheer exhaustion from me we had to tackle both twins with this! Wasn’t easy but it only took a few days and we were sorted thank goodness!!

  5. Awww, what a cutie! It’s amazing how quickly they change, isn’t it. I remember mine at that age, and now my youngest is about to start school.

  6. Sounds like much progress is being made. I love reading about updates and development, so nice to read about xx

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