11 Month Baby Update

11 Month Baby Update

11 Month Baby Update – Wahhhhhh Freddie’s nearly a year old which means back to work for me this month. I’ve had the best time off with him watching him grow into the awesome funny little dude that he is. I genuinely don’t know how I feel about leaving him, but with two weeks to go just the thought of leaving him makes me well up.

A photo of an 11 month old baby with a big smile

You’ve probably heard of separation anxiety where the baby doesn’t cope very well being separated from their Mummy, well I think I have it but it’s me that doesn’t cope well without him. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s my last baby or because I’m breastfeeding or it may be that we’ve literally spent the last eleven months together 24/7. I’m burying my head in the sand hoping that its all a joke that I have to go back to work. Surely they’re going to email and tell me that they don’t need me and no need to pay my maternity pay back right!

New Stuff

  • Climbing the stairs
  • Saying ‘up’ all the way up the stairs
  • Saying ‘Hayyyyyy’
  • Saying No to everything
  • Pointing and shaking his head
  • Worked out how to use a non-spill cup and then spits all the water out
  • Speech – he can say a few things now
  • Went his first toddler group


  • Just everything really except Nappy change time
  • Ride on toys


  • Nappy change time/getting dressed


We’ve had quite a few nights where he’s cried out in a painful cry kind of way as well as red cheeks but no new teeth at the moment.

An 11 month old baby laughing with his head back


I took him to his first Toddler Group last week. He’s been to baby groups but not ones with screaming, running around 2/3 year olds. It was quiet to start with but then as more people came it got louder. His little face watching all the toddler race around was a bit unsure and I thought he was going to cry, but instead he banged the maraca that he had as hard as he could and joined in with the shouting.

I put him on a ride on car and that was it, he loved it and kept going back to find one so that’s pretty much what we spent the rest of the time doing.

He’s also stolen Isabelle’s kitchen and play food which he seems to loves bashing about.

A picture of an 11 month old baby boy smiling


Freddie has just had his 10 month/12 month check up with the Health Visitor. We were sent a questionnaire for both age brackets and he was weighed and measured. He now weighs 20lb 7oz and measures at 75.5cm so is apparently tall for his age.

I didn’t feel like I had any concerns. The emphasis seemed to be in getting him to have half a pint of cows milk a day from 12 months, but I’m still breastfeeding and anticipate still doing so at 12 months. Sleep was mentioned and as usual I mumbled through this as co-sleeping still seems to get the disapproval of most people. We were offered a referral to the sleep clinic which I politely declined.

An 11 month old baby boy smiling


We’re still enjoying our food journey. He loves trying new foods and likes a wide variety. He’s loving the sandwich thins for sandwiches which are the perfect size for little ones with his favourite filling being cream cheese and strawberry.

He has a drink of water with every meal and the little monkey loves to suck the water in and dribble down his front or just sprays it all over the place!

An 11 month old baby boy standing up smiling


All going well. Still breastfeeding and thankfully he’s cut down the night feeds which is much better. I’m going back to work at the end of this month so I’m hoping this is t going to cause him too much upset.

A photo of an 11 month old baby boys smiling


He’s finally cut down on his night feeds so sleeping a lot better. We’re still co-sleeping but we’re going to put his cot in our room first of all with the sides up to see if he will go down and if not then we’ll attach it to our bed as a bit of an extension so that we all have a bit more room.

It’s the putting him down that we struggle with. You can do this in as much slow motion as physically possible and he still knows and wakes up. I know that you’re supposed to put them down awake but he just looks at you with a ‘don’t be silly’ look on his face!!

As I said l, we’re happy to co-sleep so it’s not something that I’m going to push too much.

Lisa x