13 Month Baby Update

14 Month Baby Update – when Freddie turned 12 months I was going to finish the baby updates there but I thought I would carry on until he reaches 18 months and is officially a toddler.

New Stuff

He’s walking!! – we really thought that he’d be walking before his birthday but he started walking a week after his first birthday and was so proud of himself. He walks like a little drunk old man and still prefers fast crawling over walking, but his baby toddle is oh so cute.


This boy has a mouth full of teeth. Pretty much all of his teeth both top and bottom are visible. I think he’s coped so well with teething with off days for the time it takes for them to break through the gums.

He uses his teething toys as he should and goes off his food, but all in all he deals with it well.


At 13 months Freddie loves to play with his toys. We got him a ride on car for his birthday which he prefers to push rather than sit on.

We also got a ball pit which he loves to get in and out of himself. Freddie loves balls so we have quite a few including spiky sensory balls with lights inside, a mini football and squishy balls. We’ve had to take away the foam balls as he likes to bite chunks out of them.

We brought Isabelle’s play kitchen down for Freddie to play with, and he really enjoys taking the washing up bowl out and shoving loads of toys inside.

We also have a basket which I put things like wooden spoons, spatula’s, plastic cups and other kitchen bits which he likes to play with.

Of course Freddie’s favourite thing to do is climb. He will use anything including the dog to climb on to reach something that’s caught his eye. The worse being climbing on his car which could of course move from under him. So stressful that he’s only just found his feet but already climbing on everything!


I haven’t had Freddie weighed recently but he’s outgrown most of his 9 – 12 months clothes and wearing size 12 – 18 months.

We’ve yet to get his feet properly measured for his first shoes. I think we’ll let him find his feet barefoot for a few weeks before we get him some shoes.


We’ve got into a great food routine and Freddie’s happy to try everything that we give him.

Now that he’s tried quite a lot of different foods, he has a few favourites. He tends to enjoy pasta and rice based meals and likes quite strong flavours.

We eat quite flavoursome meals so I’m not at all surprised by this. For lunch he quite likes a bit of pickle with his cheese sandwich and meal wise he loves Daddy’s curry with a bit of naan bread.

Oh and he’s now on the broccoli bus! He wasn’t keen at first but we’ve persevered and he now quite likes it.

We’ve also moved into a fork and spoon rather than fingers. He likes to feed himself and gets quite frustrated if we don’t let him. The bowl ends up on the floor if he can’t do it himself. I’m happy for him to feed himself and just plonk him in the bath after dinner, but Daddy likes to feed him so it’s not so messy. I think you can guess how many times Daddy’s won that battle!!


We’re still breastfeeding with no plans to stop at the moment. As we’ve reached and passed the twelve months mark we now have the title of ‘Golden Boobies’.

Freddie’s a total boobie monster and I’m happy to carry on feeding so we’ll just keep on going whilst we’re both happy to do so.


Freddie’s not the best of sleeper but we get enough to function.

He only naps once during the day and it’s still on me, but that gives me a reason to sit down and chill whilst he feeds/sleeps. It sometimes causes a few problems when visitors want to come round, but I’m quite protective over his one nap so I think people should just be a bit more understanding of this. If he doesn’t have that one nap he can’t function by about 3pm and then we run into the danger zone of him falling asleep at around 4pm which is a huge no-no!

I have been thinking that getting his cot set up and trying to get him into it for at least the beginning part of the night would be quite nice just so that I have a bit of baby free time. We’ll see…..

Until next month………