18 Month Baby Update – He’s a Toddler!

No longer a Baby – He’s a Toddler!

New Things

Singing – Freddie is really enjoying music and loves to sing along to a few in his own way including Row Row your Boat, Twinkle Twinkle and Baby Shark. It’s so adorable.

What! His new favourite word. It’s so true that you really should watch what you say. I know ‘what’ isn’t a swear word but when you call your 18 month old and he shouts ‘what’ back at you it makes you think of the things that you constantly say.

He also repeats words that you say but not with the word but the sound of it and babbles a lot, and says hmmmm mmm quite a lot instead is saying yes. Funny boy!

Head butting the floor in temper – he’s already getting quite frustrated, usually when the word ‘No’ is used. He gets down on all fours and smacks his head on the floor usually about four or five times, and he hurts himself. I hate it! I try not to make too much of it but I tend to pick him up without saying anything and cuddle him until he stops trying to squirm away. Chris thinks I should leave him and tell him off, but I can’t not do anything when he’s hurting himself.

Kindness – he’s already showing such lovely kindness to others. When his nephew comes over and it’s snack time, Freddie likes to take one for both of them and make sure that Luka gets one too. It’s so lovely to see him being so sweet.


With Christmas coming I’ve just sorted his toys out and taken out all of the rattles and baby toys that he no longer uses which I’ll take to the charity shop this week.

His most played with toys are his mega blocks, stickle bricks and the kitchen, and a set of magnetic cars that my mum found in a charity shop.

He’s not so keen on sharing at the moment and gets quite territorial with his toys, but not at toddler group so we need to practice a bit of sharing with him at home.


I think he’s had a bit of a growth spurt since a few more of his clothes have started to look a bit small on him. It’s not otherwise noticeable but I guess that I wouldn’t notice it as much as other people.

We’ve just started to buy some 18 – 24 months clothes but they’re a little bit big at the moment.


Freddie eats the same meals as us which is a lot easier than having to make separate meals. He’s not overly keen on meat on its own but in dishes such as pasta he eats it.

He loves all vegetables and fruit so we’re not pushed for options.

Lunchtimes he likes lots of bits and bobs such as cubes of cheese, crackers, tomatoes, cucumber, hummus etc so it’s really easy to make him up a plate of food.


Freddie is still breastfeeding a lot which I’m quite happy with and he loves it. I thought he would feed a lot less at his age but he still wants to feed around three times during the day and three plus times a night as well.

I did think I would have stopped expressing milk whilst I’m at work but it’s too uncomfortable not to which is a bit of a pain but hey ho.


We’re still co-sleeping and he’s still feeding a few times during the night. It’s not as bad as it sounds but it would be nice to reclaim my evenings without a baby attached to me.

Having said that, I love having that little boy snuggled into me at night and will be sad when he’s in his own bed.

The mornings are my favourite when he wakes up with his bed head, curls all sticking up every which way and the biggest grin on his face to see us.

The end of the Baby Updates

I feel sad that my baby is no longer a baby but a scrummy little toddler. Instead of doing baby update I think I’ll just do Monthly Family Updates starting in January.

Christmas is going to be amazingly crazy but fun. I’ll let you know how many times we pick the tree up off the floor or, more likely off of Freddie……..