Baby Not Included takes a much needed break – St Jean De Monts

Baby Not Included takes a much needed break to St Jean De Monts

This was originally posted 30.08.12 before being a stand alone blog but such happy memories not to keep.

Although we’ve been back a couple of weeks, I’ve yet to show you the lovely pictures from our much-needed family holiday.

We went to St Jean De Monts in France and had a fantastic two weeks of sun, sea and family fun. Our journey started at Plymouth which is just down the road from us to Roscoff and then a five hour journey in the car.

Ferry journey from Plymouth to Roscoff on our way to St Jean De Monts
Plymouth to Roscoff
The beautiful white and blue house we stayed in at St Jean De Monts, France
A home from Home in St Jean De Monts

This was the gorgeous house that we stayed in. It was in the perfect location with everything from the beach, restaurants and bars all a stone’s throw away. It was quite an anomaly in the area as most houses were all on one level so we got quite used to being stared at from passersby having a nose.

We’re quite a foodie family and the restaurants were amazing and very child friendly even in the evenings. We tried all sorts from Moules and frites to Galettes (savoury pancakes). Daddy even tried Carpaccio of beef which he’d been eying up for days. I was a bit hesitant with the Galettes, but if you get a chance to have these then we highly recommend them. We were near a fantastic market which was open every day until lunch time selling everything (food wise) from fresh fish, meat, cheeses, fruit and an array of breads and pastries. The children got a bit used to the ice cream which came in every flavour imaginable.

Our favourite place

We visited some lovely places, but our favourite was the beach where we spent a lot of our days. The sand was gorgeous and the water was inviting and warm.

The beautiful beach at St Jean De Monts where we spent most of our time
Beautiful sandy beach in St Jean De Monts
A gorgeous sunset in St Jean De Monts as we took our evening walk along the beach
The sun setting in St Jean De Monts

It’s a shame that we had to come back home, but we will see that sunset again. Maybe even next year!