Boohoo Kids – A Review

Boohoo Kids – A Review

Boohoo Kids – I know you’ve heard of – if you haven’t’ where the heck have you been?

Isabelle is 6 now going on 16 and has an annoying interest and input into what she will and won’t wear.

So on we popped onto the Boo Hoo website to have a look at their new kids range.

I thought I would do something a bit different and let Isabelle loose to choose what she liked and added it to a wish list and then pick an outfit at the end (within reason).

This is what Isabelle Chose:

And this is what I chose.

As you can see we have similar tastes, but I have to say that a few of the outfits I think are a little bit grown up for her at the moment.

I do like to see her in a dress and as she loves to wear a dress (even at the most inappropriate times).

She doesn’t like trousers or jeans at all. She will wear leggings and shorts but jeans and any form of trousers are classified as ‘boys clothes’.

So I’m guessing that you’re dying to know what we chose in the end.

boohoo kids

She chose these very bright pink trainers which are really cushioned inside. She wore them all day to Paignton and was quite impressed with their jump ability in the park.

She also chose the girls Crinkle Metallic Skater Dress in White and Black with the Waterfall Crepe Blazer in Black.

Unfortunately the other pair of shoes that she chose are too big so they have been returned and will probably be replaced with one of the love Christmas dresses the have on offer.

So what do we think?

I think the selection is really good for both boys and girls. The prices are fantastic, especially for the party style dresses which are all around the Β£10.00 mark. Isabelle loves majority of the range, and even since writing this post and publishing the range has been refreshed with new items.

Delivery was amazingly quick with lots of options available and returning was both simple and easy to do.

We’re not new customers to as our son at seventeen is a huge fan and quite often will create a wish list of things that he wants. We bought his entire holiday wardrobe back in the summer.

Do sign up for their newsletter which will hit your inbox quite a lot, but as the range is currently updated and offers are readily available these emails are welcome rather than a nuisance.

To check out the kids range click here or any of the links above.


*We were given Β a budget to purchase clothing from Boohoo kidsΒ  for the purpose of this review. All opinions and images are our own.

**This post was originally posted in November 2016

4 thoughts to “Boohoo Kids – A Review”

  1. I love the outfit choices, I never realised Boohoo did such lovely children’s clothes. I might have to pop over and have a look.
    Great post.

  2. I have a 6 year old girl who is also very fussy about what she wears. I’ve got to the point now where I won’t buy her any clothes unless she is with me. She also won’t wear jeans I think she finds them uncomfortable.
    LOve the clothes you both chose.

  3. Ha ha sounds like we have the same problem. Isabelle doesn’t like any kind of trousers. She will wear leggings at a push but usually underneath a skirt or dress !

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