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Trying New Recipes with Hello Fresh

Trying New Recipes with Hello Fresh

After months and months of seeing posts on meal subscription boxes, we finally took the plunge and ordered our first Hello Fresh box a couple of weeks ago.

I got a referral code from a fellow blogger so that she received a discount off her next order which is quite a nice thing to do.

You can sign up via the website or via the App (iphone and Android). I downloaded the App which is so easy to use.

The choice of meals is really good, and there are several different categories to suit your palette including Family Recipes, Quick Meals and Chef’s choice.

How does it work?

When you first download the App you will be asked for your preferences. Ours are family meals and quick meals which as a busy Mum takes the hassle out of looking for new recipes that both kids will eat and we will enjoy also. You select the number of people the meals are for. There are four of us, but Freddie doesn’t eat very much and Chris has quite large portions so we opted for the four people. Then you pick how many recipes you want per week. We opted for three and then the rest of the week we eat relatively simple meals. I’ve started to meal plan which works so well for us, and reduces the food shopping bill as well as my sanity at having to come up with seven meals each week. Choose your delivery date and enter your payment details. It’s as simple as that! All of the food comes already portioned into the exact amount that you need for the recipe. The meat and chilled products come in a separate insultated bag with cool packs and the remaining ingredients come in numbered brown paper bags each relating to the correct recipe card. The cards are really easy to follow and can be kept to use time and again.

Choosing what to eat

This is the fun part. It’s like ordering from a menu. If you don’t make a selection one week, it will be made for you based on the preferences you have chosen which could be a nice way to try something new. Otherwise you just log into you app and make your weekly meal choices. I’ve included Belle in the meal selection as she’s become quite particular about what she eats reently which is hopefully just a phase.

Are you locked into the subscription?

Absolutely not. You can pause the subscription whenever you want and reinstate it again when you’re ready. So if you’re going on holiday you would pause for the duration, but you could change the delivery date so that you get a box the day that you get back when there’s usually nothing in the fridge.

What about all the packaging?

This was one of the things that I had thought about before placing an order. As everything comes pre-measured there are a lot of little sachets and plastic packaging to enable this to reach our door as fresh as it can be BUT Hello Fresh have obviously thought all of this through and you can read about there commitment to sustainability and reduced carbon foot print here. Receiving your ingredients individually portioned means a reduction in food waste which is a huge thumbs up.

Our thoughts

I love it! I love a subscription box or service and the time it saves me constantly looking for new ideas to feed the family. Our first box was discounted, and there are always lots of discounts around for new customers. We thought that the price of the boxes after the initial discount was a little bit pricey, but having said that, the rest of the week we eat relatively simple meals such as pasta, jacket potatoes and salads so it evens out the cost of the shopping.

We’ve had three deliveries so far and there’s only two meals that we’ve enjoyed all the meals except maybe a couple of dishes. One was a pasta dish that just didn’t have enough flavour for us and the other was lovely but took a lot longer to make than the recipe card stated.

This post isn’t an #AD in any way as we are paying for this subscription ourselves, but if you would like to try a box and get a £42 discout (essentially a FREE box) then send me a DM through Instagram for the code.

Push Poppers Fidget Toys by HGL

Push Poppers Fidget Toys by HGL

You know that feeling when you pop bubble wrap? All kids love it, and even us adults can’t resist popping it when it arrives as packaging for things we’ve ordered. Well, the Push Poppers Fidget Toy is the gift of bubble wrap that keeps on giving!

A display of Push Popper toys, the newest fidget toys

What is a Push Popper?

Made from silicone, push poppers come in a variety of colours and shapes, all with rows of bubbles that you pop. Once popped, you flip it over and start again. It’s ridiculously addictive.

We received a Yellow Push Popper which also glows in the dark and a Rainbow Push Popper. Isabelle is ten and instantly knew what these were, but it didn’t take long for two-year-old Freddie to get the hang of it. They both gravitated immediately to the Rainbow Push Popper, but then when I showed Freddie that the yellow one was glow in the dark, he got himself a blanket and hid under there to “squish the bubbles”.

What can you do with a Push Popper?

Apart from the obvious of sitting and popping the bubbles, we’ve been challenging each other to see who can complete two sides in the quickest time. I’m quite proud to hold the crown of fastest bubble popper in the house.

We’ve also popped the bubbles to songs and by drumming our fingers. One side is easier to pop than the other, and you can pop all the bubbles in a row by running your finger down really quickly. It does take a bit of practice.?

You can see what we’ve been up to over on Instagram and TikTok.

Our Thoughts

When the Push Poppers arrived, I wasn’t sure how long they would keep the attention of my two but I was completely wrong. We’re having to rotate them between them as it seems that the Rainbow Push Popper is the favourite for both of them.

Both of them have played with these independently as well as whilst watching TV. They’ve even kept the two-year-old Fidget Pants still.

Overall, the Push Poppers have got a huge thumbs up from us, and I think they will be played with for a very long time. These would be great for traveling (you know when we’re allowed).

Where Can I buy a Push Popper?

These Push Poppers are available to buy from Claires, Smyths and Toymaster Toy Stores.

Peppa Pig Shopping Centre Review

Peppa Pig Shopping Centre Review

Our Peppa Pig journey started with Isabelle who is now ten years old and continues with Freddie who is two years old. Did you know that the show has been running since 2004? I had to google it!

Peppa Pig has come a long way since we first started watching it. There are a lot more characters, not to mention all the Peppa Pig themed everything from toys, hair accessories and bedding.

Freddie loves Peppa Pig but his favourite character is George Pig and his dinosaur, so we were thrilled to be sent the Peppa Pig Shopping Centre to play with.

What’s in the Box?

The shopping centre is set out across two floors featuring six different shops with the clever help of interchangeable signs. There is:

Ice Cream Parlour
Cake Shop
Toy Store
Fruit and Veg Shop

There is even a working lift that the characters can go up and down in which I think was Freddie’s favourite feature. As with any supermarket, there is a tannoy with buttons with real supermarket sounds such as the ‘ding dong’ to alert shoppers to special offers, checkout sounds and lift music.

The shopping centre came with twelve accessories including a Peppa Pig character, shopping trolly, cash register, a plate of cookies, a restaurant table and chairs and a plate of cookies.

Interchangeable Shops

The shop areas can be changed by the clever use of swivelling signs.

I should give the restaurant table a special mention since the table rotates between having Pizza and ice cream on the plates.

The Lift

I knew that the lift would be Freddie’s favourite feature. Pop Peppa in the lift and press the button for her to go up to the next level, and then push it back down to do it again……and again……and again! Freddie only turned two in June and is quite heavy handed, but this was robust enough for him to do on his own without any frustration.

The Microphone

What’s a shopping centre without real life noises. The microphone has working buttons with a check out sound, lift music and the kind of ‘ding dong’ that you hear before an announcement is made. The microphone is detachable, so could be accidentally lost should you need a bit of peace and quiet.

Our Thoughts

I really wished that I’d caught Freddies gasp when I showed him the shopping centre. He could not wait to get it out of the box and thankfully it wasn’t screwed to the box and didn’t require any assembly. The only thing we had to do was put the batteries (not included) in the microphone and it was good to go.

Freddie was two in June and so toys generally have to be quite robust for him to play with, but this playset ticked all the boxes in terms of sturdiness and managed to keep his attention for a long time, in fact I had to prise the pieces out of his hands so we could pick his sister up from school. His favourite feature was the lift which he was able to do without any help and enjoyed putting Peppa and her shopping the lift.

Overall, this has all the plus points that we look for when buying toys for Freddie. The only thing that would have been nice addition would have been if there was a Miss Rabbit character since she does all the jobs in Peppa Pig.

The Peppa Pig Shopping Centre is marketed at children age 3+ but Freddie has already been playing with Isabelle’s Peppa Pig toys and I’m quite happy that he is able to play with it as intended. It retails at £39.99 at Smyths Toys and other retailers and would make a great Christmas present for any Peppa Pig fan.

*We were sent the Peppa Pig Shopping Centre in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre Review

Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre Review

Freddie has only just recently been introduced to Fireman Sam, but as soon as I showed him the Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre playset he knew who it was and got very excited to start playing with it.

The Fireman Sam Rescue Centre unfolds to reveal the inside of the headquarters in Pontypandy featuring a working zipwire, the kitchen where the crew have their tea, a platform with a pulley and training dolly and best of all a working fireman’s pole. It also come with an articulated Fireman Sam Character.

Once you’ve finished playing with the set, it can be folded away for easy storage and has a carry handle so can be easily taken on a playdate.

The Zipwire

The zipwire has a suction pad that can be suctioned onto a flat surface. We found it stuck quite well to our dining table leg. You can then clip Sam onto it and whoosh to the rescue.

Pulley and Training Dolly

As part of the rescue centre there is a pulley system and training dolly so that the fire rescue team can practice for live rescues.

Fireman’s Pole

The set comes complete with a Fireman’s pole which Sam clips onto before whizzing down to the rescue.

There are other characters and vehicles in the range which would make a great addition to this playset.

The set retails at £19.99 and can be bought from Argos and Smyths Toys Superstores. Suitable from age 3+

If you have a Fireman Sam fan, they’ll be pleased to know that there is a Fireman Sam Special – Return of the Norman-Man showing on Cartoonito at 5pm, Thursday 5th November. There are also some cool Fireman Sam stop from animation clips that you can watch on the Character Options YouTube channel.

Our Thoughts

Freddie really enjoyed playing with the playset but found it tricky to get Sam onto the firepole and the zipwire. Once it was set up he happily played with the set for a while and liked to carry it round from the lounge to the kitchen before setting it up again.

His favourite part was the zipwire, he would place the training dolly on different part of the playset before Fireman Sam came to the rescue after following Dolly’s pleas for help.

It’s great that there are additional toys and characters to add to the set as a Fire Engine would definitely complete this set up.

As Freddie is only two, he was a little bit heavy handed when it came to the zipwire so the suction cup kept coming off which led to a few wobbles, but this was a great set for us to play together and with a little bit of help was more than able to play independently.

*We were sent the Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

Review: WUKA Wear Period Pants

Putting WUKA Wear to the test!

In this day and age we’re all finally realising that to maintain life as we know it, we have to make sustainable choices going forward. Living in a world where everything is instant and available it’s easy to fall into a disposable way of living.

However, it is hard to change some things when it’s all we’ve known. One of these things is our choice of sanitary products.

There have always been two options, sanitary towels and tampons.

Putting WUKA Wear Period Pants to the test. How do they stand up compared to conventional single use disposable sanitary products
WUKA Wear Period Pants

Did you know that a disposable menstrual pad is made up of 90% single use plastic and even tampons contain plastic too AND the average person wlll use around 11000 sanitary products in their life time. Thats a pretty shocking figure!

Unfortunately a lot of these products are still being flushed down the toilet which has major implications. You can read more about the Cost of our Periods on the WUKA site.

Still a Taboo subject

As a women I would much prefer it if this natural process happened in a different way or not at all. At that ‘time of the month’ I feel irritable, hot and emotional and wish I could lock myself away from the world for at the first two days of it.

Having no periods during pregnancy and breastfeeding was a huge bonus for me.

Having said that I’m not one to wear it like a badge or use it to excuse attitudes or behaviours towards other people or work.

Are Reusable Products the way forward?

I’m not a newbie when it comes to reusable or washable products. I’ve used both washable nappies and wipes with no problems. It’s just a different process.

I’ve seen washable sanitary pads and admit that I shot these down as an option straight away. My mind went into overdrive with thoughts of:

  • How and where I would keep the used towels if I was out and about or at work
  • Where to keep the used towels for the duration of my period
  • Would I smell
  • Would they leak

I had similar thoughts with the menstruation cups with regards to leaking as well as the actual process of using one.

And then I heard of period pants……

How does WUKA Wear work?

WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass which I think is a great phrase for all women.

WUKA pants are is made from a sustainable super absorbent hi-tech fabric which can hold approximately four tampons worth of liquid. These can be worn for 4 – 6 hours on a heavy day and up to 8 hours on a lighter day. making them perfect for overnight.

The fabric has anti-bacterial properties to eliminate unpleasant odours and are machine washable.

Even better, the underwear looks like a sporty pair of black briefs which are a little thicker that a usual pair making them a super comfortable option.

WUKA Wear is available in a variety of sizes and flows to suit your needs. There are also teenage sizes available as well as matching bralette. Pop them in your dark wash minus the softner and air dry.

Where can I buy WUKA Wear?

You can buy them direct from the WUKA Website but even better you can pick up a pair in your local Sainsbury’s whilst you’re doing your food shop which is definitely a step in the right direction.

WUKA Wear retails at £20 per pair online or exclusively to Sainsburys from 15th March 2020.

My Thoughts

I was sat well and truly on the fence with these, but having had three children and my periods getting heavier with each one I was willing to give these a go.

They look and feel like a sporty pair of black briefs similar to ones that I have in my drawer if not sightly thicker. I’ve tried them on with both skirts and jeans and there are no obvious differences between the WUKA Wear and my regular underwear.

I would have loved these for the days after having my babies instead of the huge maternity pads.

Like the initial outlay for washable nappies these seem like a big expense, but if you were to work out the cost of pads and tampons over time it wouldn’t take long to reach the same figure.

I’d like to give these a couple of tries before I give an overall opinion so keep up to date with me over on Instagram and I’ll also do a follow-up post.

Lisa x

*I was gifted a pair of WUKA Wear Period Pants for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links which means I will receive a small referral fee if you click on a link and make a purchase at no cost to you.

Review: Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorns

Revealing the Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorns

Huge Mama points for anything Unicorn or Blind Bag so the points for ticking both of these boxes are huge!

Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorn Toy Unboxing. Clouds that dissolve into gooey slime to reveal four blind bags containing unicorn and accessories

What are Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorns?

The Uni-Verse Unicorn Surprises start off as a cloud which dissolves in water to reveal four blind bags containing:

  • A Unicorn
  • A matching Unicorn Toot or Tear Friend
  • A collectors card
  • Two Unicorn Accessories

The Uni-verse Surprise Unicorns single packs retail at £9.99 from all great toy retailers and are suitable from age 5 upwards.

Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorn Toy Unboxing. Clouds that dissolve into gooey slime to reveal four blind bags containing unicorn and accessories
Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorns

What do they do?

Each Unicorn Surprise starts off as a puffy cloud with an emoji style expression that you have to dunk in warm water where the cloud turns into a gloopy slime to reveal four blind bags. The colour of the water changes dependent on the land they came from.

There are forty Unicorns to collect and they come with a variety of accessories which are interchangeable amongst your collection.

Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorn Toy Unboxing. Clouds that dissolve into gooey slime to reveal four blind bags containing unicorn and accessories
Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorns

What did we get?

Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorn Toy Unboxing. Clouds that dissolve into gooey slime to reveal four blind bags containing unicorn and accessories
Glammin Cameryn – Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorns

Glammin Cameryn from Glam-A-Ganza land and she came with a little tear shaped friend, a set of wings and a nail polish.

Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorn Toy Unboxing. Clouds that dissolve into gooey slime to reveal four blind bags containing unicorn and accessories
Dilly Dotty Dolly – Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorns

Dilly Dolly Dotty from Funtasyland who has the shiniest bright pink hair. She came with a little Cloud friend, a hairbow and a handbag which she holds in her mouth.

Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorn Toy Unboxing. Clouds that dissolve into gooey slime to reveal four blind bags containing unicorn and accessories
Moo Moo Molly – Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorns

Moo Moo Molly from Pet Party Peak who has crazy hair and comes with a cloud friend, a bell and a milk carton.

Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorn Toy Unboxing. Clouds that dissolve into gooey slime to reveal four blind bags containing unicorn and accessories
Sunburst Sydney – Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorns

Sunburst Sydney from Mist-terious Land and she came with a yellow cloud friend, a bottle of sun lotion and a sunshine accessory.

Our Thoughts

Isabelle was very excited to be unboxing the Uni-verse Unicorn Surprises and was really pleased that she managed to get ones from different lands. She was very impressed with the added slime factor as part of the unboxing. As with all blind bags Isabelle likes to have a look at the checklist and has a good feel to see if she can guess which one it is.

Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorn Toy Unboxing. Clouds that dissolve into gooey slime to reveal four blind bags containing unicorn and accessories
Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorns

We were both surprised at how quickly the clouds dissolved to slime. We had a towel on hand to dry off but the slime was quite greasy so a proper hand wash was needed. Isabelle was really pleased with the unicorns that she got and would like to add to her collection.

*We were sent a selection of Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorns for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Review: Mardles HugARmals Dragon

Getting to know the Mardles HugARmals Dragon

Isabelle is obsessed with soft toys and has quite a hefty collection of them that she’s collected over the years. Her favourite game is to set them all out in rows on her bedroom floor to play schools so this beautifully coloured Dragon was welcomed with very open arms and a huge grin!

Mardles HugARmals Dragon the interactive cuddly friend that your kids will love to play with

It’s not just a Soft Toy

This lovely soft HugARmals Dragon is a red/pink colour with rainbow coloured scales. Bring her to life with the FREE Mardles App which can be downloaded for Apple or Android. It stands at 30cm retails for £24.99 available online and in toy shops.

The app is activated by scanning the fire button on its foot.

Mardles HugARmals Dragon the interactive cuddly friend that your kids will love to play with

What can the HugARmals Dragon do?

Once you’ve activated the App you can meet your new friend, take pictures, give her something to eat, watch her fly and do an awesome dance routine. All of this can be captured on the App using the photo mode.

Mardles HugARmals Dragon the interactive cuddly friend that your kids will love to play with
Mardles HugARmals Dragon the interactive cuddly friend that your kids will love to play with
Mardles HugARmals Dragon the interactive cuddly friend that your kids will love to play with

After all of this fun you can tuck your dragon into bed with you before starting all over again.

Mardles HugARmals Dragon the interactive cuddly friend that your kids will love to play with
Mardles HugARmals Dragon the interactive cuddly friend that your kids will love to play with

Our Thoughts

Isabelle loves the Dragon and it’s taken pride of place in her bed so the additional features using the App are a welcome excuse for her to dance around and have photographs taken of her. It’s a shame that the App isn’t compatible with her tablet but it’s not the end of the world. 

Freddie is also quite taken with the Dragon and gets a sneaky play with it when Isabelle’s at school. He likes to see it on my phone doing some dancing and putting the dragon next to his toys, but gets a bit confused that it’s not really there. 

This toy would make a lovely Christmas gift and gets a big thumbs up from us. 

Mardles HugARmals Dragon the interactive cuddly friend that your kids will love to play with

*we were gifted a Mardles HugARmals Dragon for the purpose of this review all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Review: Chalkola Marker Pens

Getting Creative with Chalkola Marker Pens

Following on from our previous review of Chalkola Marker Pens we were sent a new Bumper Set which includes some pretty funky colours such as AstroTurf Green and Pink Lemonade, and we weren’t disappointed.

What can you use Chalkola Markers for?

Chalkola Marker Pens can be used in loads of different ways. Pubs and Restaurants can use them to create stunning Specials Boards, and there are loads of ways for you to use them at home.

The Chalkola markers are so easy to use. Activate the nibs by giving the pen a shake and pressing down so that the colour comes through. The colours are so vibrant and fluid so you can get really creative.

What can you use Chalkola Markers on?

As well as being able to use the markers on a blackboard they can be used on glass, whiteboards or any other non-porous surface.

They’re easy to remove using a wet cloth or even a wetwipe ready to use again.

We were sent the pack of 30 which has some amazingly named colours such as Beetle Bug Green, Lake Green and Pink Lemonade.

We used the markers to create a Trick or Treat sign for Halloween which I thought was quite effective with our bowl of sweets, and Isabelle likes to create different designs and display the chalkboard in her bedroom.

We also used the markers to decorate Freddie’s mini pumpkin which looked amazing.

Other ways you could use the makers would be for writing up meal plans, shopping lists or messages.

The markers are both child safe and odour free. The dustless, non toxic formula is both eco-friendly and safe for use at home. There are different tips available depending what you want to use them for.

There are a range of different pack sizes and colour options. We used the 30 pack which were a mixture of classic and neon colours, retailing at £22.95.

Our Thoughts

We were already fans of the Chalkola markers as they can be used in so many ways. They last a long time which is great to know as a parent. Isabelle isn’t the best at putting the lids back on pens, and thankfully these don’t dry up which is also plus point.

Isabelle uses these for playing teachers with her dolls and teddies and is very happy using these. They wash off really easily and we’ve had no problem with the markers staining clothing or carpets.

The Chalkola Marker Pens get a huge thumbs up from us.

*we were sent a set of Chalkola Marker Pens for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Freddie puts the Milkymouth Baby Weaning Set to the test!

Freddie puts the Milkymouth Baby Weaning Set to the Test! – Weaning has to be the messiest part of having a baby but a lot of fun.

Baby Led Weaning

Freddie is our first baby to try Baby Led Weaning as it wasn’t something I’d heard of with either Isabelle or Ryan. Essentially we started our weaning journey with cooked vegetable sticks and soft fruits which we just put onto his tray without a bowl or plate, but as time went on he was trying to reach for the bowl or plate that these were on so we needed to choose bowls and plates that would withstand being thrown on the floor which is where most things end up.

Milkymouth Baby Weaning Set is the complete Kit to establish your weaning journey whether you're starting with purees or going down the Baby Led Weaning route. See what we thought when we put this set to the test

Milkymouth Weaning Set

The Milkymouth Weaning Set consists of:

  • 2 Silicone bibs
  • 1 Suction bowl
  • 1 Food/fruit pacifier
  • 1 Squeeze Feeding Bottle
  • 1 Teething Toy

Silicone Bibs

Both of the silicone bibs have a collection pocket which are the best for a weaning baby who is just learning to grasp and hold food. They do up with a button like fastening and is adjustable as your baby grows.

I love these bibs as they’re super soft and flexible to fit properly to protect your baby clothes. They also roll up which is handy for popping in your changing bag.

Milkymouth Baby Weaning Set is the complete Kit to establish your weaning journey whether you're starting with purees or going down the Baby Led Weaning route. See what we thought when we put this set to the test

Suction Bowl

The suction bowl is the perfect portion sized bowl for babies and sticks to your baby’s highchair or table.

The suction on the bowl is a bit hit and miss, but Freddie seems to have ridiculous super strength. The bowl ends up on the floor a lot so its good that its made from silicone so doesn’t break.

Food/Fruit Pacifier

When we first started Baby Led Weaning Freddie struggled with some foods, and it’s quite scary when your baby starts gagging. The Fruit Pacifier is a little gadget that looks like a dummy with a hollow teat and tiny holes. You open it up, put a piece of fruit inside and your baby can suck and chew the fruit through the teat.

I’ve had one similar to this but it was a mesh type end and it got really grubby quickly, but as this one is silicone it was easy to clean so would last much longer.

Milkymouth Baby Weaning Set is the complete Kit to establish your weaning journey whether you're starting with purees or going down the Baby Led Weaning route. See what we thought when we put this set to the test

Squeeze Feeding Bottle

If using purees this Squeeze Feeding Bottle is perfect for out and about. Load up the bottle and squeeze a bit onto the spoon end for easy, mess free feeding.

We’re not really doing pureed food but Freddie loves yoghurt and had a lot of fun feeding himself with this. It was easy to use and clean which is always a bonus.

Teething Toy

Although this is a Teething Toy it’s shaped like a spoon albeit in a grape kind of way. Freddie almost has a mouth full of teeth and he’s coped with this by using teethers. This one is great for putting into the back of his mouth to help with the back ones that, and being able to use it as a fun spoon is just a bonus!

The Milkymouth Baby Weaning Set is priced at £22.95 and can be bought from Amazon. It has everything you need whether you’re starting with purees or Baby Led Weaning.

Our Thoughts

My first thought was that the set had everything that I needed for Freddie and that it would withstand the many times that it would end up on the floor. My favourite part of the set is the bibs. They cover him well and as they’re super soft and flexible they sit nicely, so he hasn’t tried to pull them off at all. they have also remained stain free even up against the likes of spaghetti Bolognese.

The Milkymouth Baby Weaning Set gets a big thumbs up from this little guy and his Mummy!

???????We were sent the Milkymouth Baby Weaning Set for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Building with Strictly Briks | Review

Building with Strictly Briks – We were kindly sent a Strictly Briks Classic Brik Set and a Brik Tower Set. Isabelle is hugely into making a huge play area in her room which can vary from small collectibles to a whole large doll set up.

Isabelle has accumulated quite a bit of LEGO over birthday’s and Christmas’ and so we were excited to see how the Strictly Briks measured up.

Brik Tower Set with 6 Baseplates and 50 brick pieces

This set included six 6 x 6 base plates and 50 coloured bricks. Isabelle had lots of ideas that she could use the base plates for including houses, a vets for some small animal toys that she has and teddy bear loungers.

The Strictly Briks do indeed fit well alongside Isabelle’s collection of LEGO which is great since the Strictly Briks are a lot cheaper. I can also confirm that standing on them brings tears to your eyes and the expletives spurting from your mouth!

The Strictly Brik Tower set retails at £9.99 and available from Amazon.

Strictly Briks Review

156 Piece Classic Brik Set

Isabelle particularly liked the addition of this set since she now bulked out her collection so that she can makes lots of houses or horse stables for her animals. She was particularly impressed that it had girl coloured bricks (her words not mine).

The Strictly Brik Classic Brick set retails at £24.99

Strictly Brik Review

Our Thoughts

The Strictly Brik’s range definitely gets the thumbs up from me. It’s a great way to bulk out your existing collection at a fraction of the price, and the base plates are great for building onto. Isabelle liked the range of colours and found them easy to build with.

The set also got the green light from my niece and nephew who play with LEGO a lot!

*We were sent the Strictly Briks play sets for the purpose of this review. This post also contains affiliate links which means that I may receive a small payment at no cost to you if you click a link and make a purchase