Review: Chalkola Marker Pens

Getting Creative with Chalkola Marker Pens

Following on from our previous review of Chalkola Marker Pens we were sent a new Bumper Set which includes some pretty funky colours such as AstroTurf Green and Pink Lemonade, and we weren’t disappointed.

A black board with hearts all in different colours drawn using Chalkola pens

What can you use Chalkola Markers for?

Chalkola Marker Pens can be used in loads of different ways. Pubs and Restaurants can use them to create stunning Specials Boards, and there are loads of ways for you to use them at home.

The Chalkola markers are so easy to use. Activate the nibs by giving the pen a shake and pressing down so that the colour comes through. The colours are so vibrant and fluid so you can get really creative.

What can you use Chalkola Markers on?

As well as being able to use the markers on a blackboard they can be used on glass, whiteboards or any other non-porous surface.

They’re easy to remove using a wet cloth or even a wetwipe ready to use again.

We were sent the pack of 30 which has some amazingly named colours such as Beetle Bug Green, Lake Green and Pink Lemonade.

We used the markers to create a Trick or Treat sign for Halloween which I thought was quite effective with our bowl of sweets, and Isabelle likes to create different designs and display the chalkboard in her bedroom.

We also used the markers to decorate Freddie’s mini pumpkin which looked amazing.

Other ways you could use the makers would be for writing up meal plans, shopping lists or messages.

The markers are both child safe and odour free. The dustless, non toxic formula is both eco-friendly and safe for use at home. There are different tips available depending what you want to use them for.

There are a range of different pack sizes and colour options. We used the 30 pack which were a mixture of classic and neon colours, retailing at £22.95.

Our Thoughts

We were already fans of the Chalkola markers as they can be used in so many ways. They last a long time which is great to know as a parent. Isabelle isn’t the best at putting the lids back on pens, and thankfully these don’t dry up which is also plus point.

Isabelle uses these for playing teachers with her dolls and teddies and is very happy using these. They wash off really easily and we’ve had no problem with the markers staining clothing or carpets.

The Chalkola Marker Pens get a huge thumbs up from us.

*we were sent a set of Chalkola Marker Pens for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small payment if you purchase by clicking on this link at no extra cost to you.

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  1. These look brilliant, Ive just got my daughter a chalk board for Christmas and these would be ideal for it. Great timing thanks x

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