Christmas Gift Guide for 4 – 7 year olds

Christmas Gift Guide 4 – 7 years

I think this is a really easy age group to buy for as there’s so much including the world of collectible toys and ‘blind bags’. It’s the whole package from the surprise of what you’re getting to the accessories that it comes with which ,makes them irresistible.

They also have the most amazing imaginations when it comes to imaginative and role play as well as being able to keep their concentration long enough to be able to play games and crafts.

Here are some of the things that we’ve either bought or caught our attention.


Christmas Gift Guide for 4 - 7 year olds. Playfoam multicoloured 8 pack set

Playfoam 8 Pack Set – If your kids like slime or putty then they’ll love Playfoam. Playfoam is tiny little balls all stuck together with a non-sticky like slime which can be moulded into lots of different shapes providing hours of fun.

Fuzzikins School Playset

Fuzzikins School Playset – We’ve got a few of the Fuzzikins Playsets including the Fuzzikins Bedtime Bunnies and the Fuzzikins Campervan. Each playset comes with a number of characters that can be coloured with the pens included and can be wiped clean ready for a new design. The school playset has a pop-up cardboard school with a school room, playground and dining room with built-in furniture. The characters include a teacher and four animal pupils.

A Personalised Letter from Santa

A Personalised Letter from Santa

A Personalised Letter from Santa – Give the kids a good incentive to get themselves on the ‘Nice list’ by receiving a beautifully written letter from Santa himself.

Playmobil Family Fun Aquarium

Playmobil Family Fun Aquarium – Isabelle wasn’t quite ready for her Playmobil stuff that we bought her when she turned three, but once she turned 5/6 she really got into setting up her sets taking up her entire bedroom floor and would play with it for hours. No matter what your kids are interested in there’s a Playmobil set for them. We haven’t got this Aquarium set but it looks like a lot of fun, and you can play with real water.

Mardles HugARmals Dragon

Mardles HugARmals Dragon – This isn’t just another soft toy. Bring your Dragon to life using the FREE Mardles App. Feed your Dragon, change his or her colour, do a funky dance and then cuddle up in bed. Read our Review of the HugARmals Dragon Here.

Vtech Kidizoom Camera

Vtech Kidizoom Camera – Kids love taking pictures so thus sturdy camera makes a great present. They can also take selfies which lets face it, even babies can do this with your phone, and videos BUT this is able to withstand being handled roughly and even dropped. They can edit the pics by adding in stickers and captions as well as playing games.

Guess Who

Guess Who Game – At this age you’re probably starting to build up quite a good collection of games. Some you’ll hate where as the kids will love, but this is definitely an ‘Oldie but Goldie’ in your collection. It’s easy and fun to play and doesn’t take ages to set up or play (all need to be considered).

L.O.L Surprise Hairgoals

L.O.L Surprise Hairgoals – Like the original L.O.L dolls but with actual hair. Each surprise doll comes in a hairspray capsule and includes 15 surprises such as shoes, a bottle and an outfit. The capsule can be used as a display case or a salon chair. There are 12 different dolls to collect.

I’d love to know what your kids are playing with and loving at the moment.

A Christmas Gift Guide for 4 - 7 year olds. Interactive toys and collectibles fit so well for this age group with L.O.L dolls and tech being at the top of the list

Lisa x

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