Christmas Gift Guide for Teenagers

Christmas Gift Guide for Teenagers

I think this is the hardest age group to buy actual gifts for. Most teenagers are quite specific about their style and grown-up just don’t ‘get it’ (like we were never teenagers ourselves).

It was always a safe bet to buy the latest technology or trainers for Ryan when he hit the teenage years or the latest game for either the Playstation or Xbox. Money is always an option but not much to open on Christmas Day. We did once buy loads of Lynx sprays and other bits and pieces and wrapped a Β£5 note so that he still had lots of gifts to open, but also had the money that he wanted to go and do some shopping himself.

Here are a few things that caught my eye that I think even a teenager would find hard to stick their noses up at.

Instax Mini LiPlay

Instax Mini LiPlay – This stylish black and rose gold camera can be used to take photographs that can be printed straight away. You can also transfer and print photos from your phone. You can have a lot of fun with one of these.

Bumper Retro Sweet Box

Bumper Retro Sweet Box – You can’t really go wrong with teenagers and snacks, especially the sweet variety. Show them all the sweets of your childhood with drumstick lollies, refreshers and sherbert fountains. Yum!

Suck UK Laundry Punching Bag

Suck UK Punching Bag Laundry Bag – If like most teenagers they have a floor-drobe then this might be the solution they need to keep their room tidy. If this fails then just shut the door!

5 Second Rule Game

5 Second Rule Game – This is such a fun game. It does say from age 10 but Isabelle (age 9) has been joining in just fine. Win the game by completing your 5 second rule tasks such as name 3 things beginning with S or name 3 things that have a zip. You literally have 5 seconds to answer. It’s harder than you think for some of them.

Bose Soundlink Colour Bluetooth Speaker

Bose Soundlink Colour Bluetooth Speaker – Just so they can drown out the rest of the world! I love this colour.

Real Techniques Deluxe Make-up Brush Set

Real Techniques Deluxe Make-up Brush Set – I’m dreading the teenage years with Isabelle when make-up plays a daily role and not just anything will do. This brush set is a great starter set and looks gorgeous as well.

Feel free to share any suggestions or wants from your Teenagers.

Lisa x

A Christmas `gift Guide for Teenagers. I think we've cracked it with this list of gifts that not even a teenagers could stick their nose up to

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  1. The mini camera is a lovely idea. It looks pretty stylish too with the rose gold and both my daughter would love it.

  2. I love the laundry punching bag – such a good idea for keeping laundry off the floor and motivating them to do a bit of exercise too!

  3. It gets harder the older they get as the gifts they choose tend to be much more expensive! It does seem that tech, clothes and trainers are a good choice. I too love that camera and sweets always go down well.

  4. I don’t have teenagers to buy for yet, but we have the junior version of 5 second rule. My boys really love it.

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