Corona-Diary 25.03.20

It’s going to get worse before it gets better….

So we’re in a lockdown and we’re all sat at home wondering what the hells going on.

How are we going to get past this?

Do we still have jobs?

How are we going to pay the mortgage or rent?

How long is it going to last?

Right now all we can do is make sure that we’re all staying home and healthy. Make no plans, just take one day at a time.

I really feel for staff who are not considered key workers but are forced into work for fear of no pay. It makes absolutely no sense that they go out every day putting themselves at risk. They could be unknowingly in contact with people who are not yet showing symptoms or they could be unknowingly spreading it themselves.

I do think it’s lovely that lots of companies big and small have offered what they can to make life a bit easier. There’s loads of homeschooling resources for free on usually paid for platforms, mortgage companies have offered mortgage holidays, some landlords have offered alternative arrangements for those who rent (not nearly enough unfortunately) and I’ve been inundated with emails from everything from my credit card company to our gas and electricity company advising what to do if we find ourselves struggling to pay the bills.

I notice that Sky have knocked a whole 50p off their sky store films which is still making me chuckle.

A missed day

If you’ve been following our diary you will know that Chris has been poorly with suspected (not confirmed) coronavirus. He’s on the mend and does lollop more and more like a functioning human being every day that goes by.

According to the government he is now out of the quarantine period but the rest of us are still in quarantine for another five days. I missed a days entry yesterday as Freddie developed a temperature.

It filled me with utter dread to think that my little boy could end up with the coronavirus of which we know very little about. It’s thought that children are more resilient to it and the symptoms they get may be milder and easier to fight than that of those in the vulnerable group.

We watched him with eagle eyes as he no longer wanted to play, opting to sit with us for cuddles as his cheeks turned redder and redder. We always know when he’s coming down with something since Freddie only ever seems to sit down when he’s not quite himself.

So we dosed him with calpol and had a very interrupted nights sleep with me checking on him continuously through the night.

This morning he was still warm but his temp was 36.1 and he was playing and climbing around as per usual. I’ve got everything crossed that this was and is nothing!


This is going well as long as it’s something Isabelle wants to do. We’ve been doing Joe Wicks PE sessions every morning and we have loads of apps and websites with very interesting stuff to do and watch. We’ve painted our rainbows to go in the windows and Isabelle is currently marking a collage using some of her old magazines.

Our school have been great at setting tasks for the kids to do with a huge emphasis that they aren’t expecting us all to have turned into teachers overnight and understand that children behave differently at school than they do at home. The work is give as a guide rather than a strict regime and we can send in photos for them to upload to the school blog for the kids to see what their friends have been doing as well.

Step away from the clippers!

A bit of an insignificant thing in the grand scheme and all, but it’s a fact that without being able to go out for haircuts etc there are going to be a lot of men in particular looking a lot less groomed than usual.

Chris used to shave his hair a fair few years ago and I never really liked it. To put it quite bluntly, it makes him look like his head is too small!

However, this morning he’s dug those damn clippers out and says he’s going to do it. The alternative is that he leaves it and ends up with some kind of mullet.