Coronavirus Diary 14.05.20

Coronavirus Diary 14.05.20

I’m a bit gutted that I’m still writing Coronavirus Diary posts. It means that it’s still a huge life impacting problem. When I started it, I think like the rest of the country I never envisaged the life that we’re leading at the moment.

Prime Minister Speech

Like the rest of the country, we all awaited to see what Boris was going to come up with. We all watched and then when it ended we all said:

‘Wait. What’!

Never has a speech left us with more questions than answers!

Do we go back to work? Yes but No

Can we go out more? Yes, but do not see friends and family.

We can sit 2 metres in a park or on a beach but not with friends and family.

You can meet up with one person from another household as long as you social distance!

Who do you choose?

Schools to re-open

The schools will reopen to reception, year 1 and year 6 on the 1st June which has left all parents in total turmoil whether or not they will send them back. Many don’t have a choice as they will be required to go back to work.

It’s an impossible situation for many. Kids catch everything and social distancing will be impossible to manage especially in the younger age groups.

So all the kids go back to school and the germs are then brought home to spread to their key worker parents who unknowingly take it into work and the second wave hits us harder than the first.

Oh No….Hang On….

That won’t happen because we’ll stay ALERT!

Don’t forget to look out for all those really large Coronavirus germs that we can see dancing around before us. It’s like Pac-Man for people which you can zap with your super Boris Air Punch Power!

My opinion is that secondary ages kids should be the first to go back. They’re the ones that can’t afford to miss out on their education. Younger kids who do a lot of learning through play can get this at home.

Already social media is going nuts with everybody giving opinions. Parents who are sending their kids back are being shamed.

Some parents feel that their kids are in desperate need for the interaction and routine that school gives them.

Kids themselves are desperate to see their friends.

Is there a right or wrong to this situation?

Probably not, but shaming others for their choices (or not) isn’t helping anybody.

Everybody should keep their own house in order as they say.

Are you sticking to the guidelines?

I know we are, but there’s a hell of a lot more footfall and traffic compared to a few weeks ago even before the exercise rule was relaxed.

We’ve only just started going for walks and have only been out twice so far. The first time was a disaster with lots of people around making it very difficult to try and avoid people.

We saw lots of groups of people standing around chatting, definitely not 2 metres apart. Leaving the fields was a problem as there were groups of people blocking the pathways.

I know that the guidelines state that you can meet up with one person of a different household, in an open space as long as you socially distance but we’ve decided not to do this.

It would be great to see some of our family and friends but it would be impossible to stop Freddie from running up to them so it seems pointless to try.

Harsh maybe but if you have toddlers then you’ll know exactly what I mean.

FaceTime is just going to have to do for now.

Stay safe everyone x