Coronavirus Diary 28.08.20

Coronavirus Diary – an update. I started this Diary as a way of remembering the things we did as a family during lockdown but it took a swerve into being long moany rants which wasn’t supposed to happen.

We really enjoyed the extra time it gave us at the beginning when our life pace slowed right down and all we needed to thing about was washing our hands and what the best meal was going to be.

Apart from having to switch brands and choosing different meals, we fared pretty well with getting all of our essentials.

What we hadn’t expected was the fallout of making choices to keep our kids safe. Choosing not to see family, sticking to social distancing rules and most importantly not breaking the rules has been something that we’ve done, but not without consequence.

Our choices have been challenged and belittled which has been the worse part of all of this. We’ve talked about and questioned all of our decisions but ultimately feel that we’ve made all the right choices throughout this whole thing.

We’ve seen friends and family add picture after picture of days out where no social distancing is taking place and, well that’s up to them and I haven’t commented that I think they’re wrong to do it, but following the rules apparently opens you up for ALL the criticism.

And there I go again…

See, I told you that these entries just end up as rants!

A New Normal

So we’re all trying to ‘get back to normal’ but what even is that anymore?

I don’t want to go back to normal. Going forward we intend to take advantage of any free time we get to do stuff together. We haven’t been out that much, but the days out we’ve had have been great. The kids have such a renewed appreciation for a picnic, going to the beach or even a trip to the park

Since Freddie has only recently turned two, everything we do is amazing as he doesn’t remember going to the park, beach or anywhere before corona kicked in. His little face lights up wherever we go which gives me the warm and fuzzy’s.

We’re both back at work, chris for quite a while and me since last month. It was weird going back and still feels a little bit weird having to wear masks but we knew being at home wasn’t going to be forever.

It is what it is….

Back to School is looming…

For us, going back to school was our turning point of re-entering the world, and now the scaremongering has started and the doubts have started to creep in.

Isabelle has been counting down to going back to school for weeks. This is partly because she turns 10 the day after she goes back and has a present list longer that a loo roll.

So are we all sending our kids back to school?

We are unless anything drastic happens in the next 10 days. We know what we’re doing in terms of drop off and pick up and what she’s allowed to take with her. I know that there are a lot of parents who still feel in the dark about the return to school, but our school have been great at keeping in touch.

So unless anything happens we’ve got new uniform and are good to go for the new school year….

Until next time……