Family Bucket List 2019

Family Bucket List 2019

Family Bucket List 2019 – it’s a while since I wrote a Bucket List since the one that I wrote previously had quite big things on it which made it a bit unrealistic in terms of timing and budget. I’m going smaller, but small doesn’t always mean less quality. Chris works long hours so we need to make the most of our time off.

Our 2019 Family Bucket List

Here goes:

  1. Have a BBQ on the beach
  2. Crabbing
  3. A picnic at the park
  4. Ice skating
  5. Take Isabelle dry skiing
  6. Afternoon tea
  7. Go to a Blogging conference
  8. A family holiday abroad
  9. A weekend family getaway
  10. Declutter the house
  11. A living room picnic
  12. Go to a theme park
  13. Get over my fear and get my front tooth fixed
  14. Wear bright colours (I always wear black)
  15. Visit a National Trust property
  16. Start a yoga class
  17. Have a Mummy Daughter day out
  18. Have a Daddy Daughter day out
  19. Be more sociable
  20. Have some family pictures taken
  21. Get Freddie’s bedroom sorted
  22. Go dancing
  23. Visit a Christmas market
  24. A beach day
  25. Visit somewhere new
  26. A spa day
  27. Learn to drive
  28. Read a new book per month
  29. Spend an evening binge watching a box set
  30. Movie night
  31. Date night
  32. Cook something new
  33. Make the garden more child friendly
  34. Plant flowers/plants and hope the dog doesn’t eat them
  35. Set up a You Tube channel for Isabelle
  36. Vlog – even just once!
  37. Make a photo book
  38. Take more photo’s (more with me in)
  39. Go to a zoo
  40. Take the kids swimming
  41. Learn something new
  42. Do something out of my comfort zone
  43. Take part in a charity event
  44. Do a craft project
  45. Go camping
  1. Camp out in Isabelle’s room
  1. Sign Isabelle up for a class
  1. Have my nails done
  2. Start to meal plan
  3. Have some screen free days

So that’s our list. It’s not anything too big except maybe the dental work which is a massive deal for me.

I hope that we manage to get everything or most of the things listed and will blog about each one as they’re ticked off.

What do you have planned for 2019?

Lisa x