Free Baby Products And How To Get Them

Free Baby Products And How To Get Them

Free Baby Products And How To Get Them – Welcoming a new baby into your world can be a joyous and exciting time.  However, it can also be incredibly daunting when it comes to adapting your finances to the new addition to your family.  Fortunately, you can take advantage of some free products which are available so you can worry less about the money and spend more quality time with your new bundle of joy.

Why Do Companies And Brands Give Away Baby Freebies?

All companies want you and your baby to try their products and want to offer you support in the early months of your new life.  To do this, they have to introduce you to their products.  By doing this, they will also be looking to achieve their goal of making you a loyal customer.

There is a lot of competition out there and there are new baby brands coming onto the market every day.  To get attention to their products, they will give away baby freebies which they hope will make you choose them over the competition.  By providing a freebie, they hope to stand out in your mind the next time you have to buy nappies or baby food.

Where Can You Get Free Baby Products?

Almost all baby brands and supermarkets have some form of Baby Club that you can join which offers freebies and support.  You will be able to find independent sites as well which are not affiliated with any particular products that offer coupons and free giveaways.  Freebies and discounts will often be featured on these websites.

Most of these websites will require you to sign up for an account if you want to get all of the benefits.  You should not worry about this because it will generally be completely free to do.  The company or website will then send you an essentials pack with a selection of free baby products that you can use and that will help you in your new role of parent.

It is important to note that each of these websites will work differently.  Some of them will be forums with threads that you can follow where members post the best freebies and look for competitions.  Others will be websites dedicated to listing freebies and other baby product deals.

It is worth signing up to a number of different sites to ensure that you get everything that you need.  This will ensure that you get all the offers that are available and always find the products you want.

How To Claim Freebies, Samples, Coupons And Vouchers

There are a lot of places that you can visit that offer baby freebies, giveaways and expert advice.  If you are unsure about where to head, you need to look at some of the most popular baby clubs and what you can get from each of them.

Amazon Prime – if you are a Prime member and create or currently have an Amazon Baby Wish List, you could claim a free Baby Box.  To do this, you will have to make a minimum purchase of eligible baby products.

Aptaclub – This website offers a range of checklists, how to guides and 24-hour support.  You can also get personalised emails which are very helpful.

Babies R Us Mother and Baby Club – Here you can get free discount vouchers, exclusive discounts and personal shopping services.

Beaming Baby – Beaming Baby offers a range of free eco nappies as well as organic baby wipes.  You can also get baby bath sachets and advice on disposable versus washable nappies.

Boots Parenting Club – When you join this club, you will get free gifts for you and your baby.  You will also get a free magazine, 10 points for every £1 you spend with your Advantage Card and personalised offers.

Bounty – You can get a newborn pack or a free mum to be pack from this club.  You can also get try before you buy products and samples, 24 pack of newborn nappies, extra sensitive wipes and money-off vouchers along with a lot more.

Cow and Gate Baby Club – The first freebie is an adorable cuddly cow toy followed by a pregnancy diary and weekly emails with personal advice.  You also get access to the C&G Careline as well as the friend finder tool so you are never alone on your journey.

Emma’s Diary – Here you can get a free newborn essentials pack from Johnson’s baby and Pampers.  You also get a free photo book voucher, vouchers for Argos and more.

Heinz Baby Club – This club provides you with coupons and exclusive competitions.  You can also sign up for exclusive competitions and product trails while getting recipes and nutritional guides.

HiPP Baby Club – This club offers free photo prints from Snapfish and a personalised baby calendar.  You can also find exclusive offers, competitions and a Facebook page with exclusive access where you can talk to other mums.

Johnson & Johnson Caring Everyday – When you sign up for this club, you will get access to free printable offers and coupons.

Johnson’s Baby Club – This club offers free advice and some exclusive rewards when you collect points from Johnson’s baby products.

My Mothercare – You will be able to get hundreds of pounds worth of vouchers with this club along with 20% off maternity clothing.  You can also get medical and GO advice 24/7 and gain access to an exclusive sales portal.

Nestle Start Well Stay Well – This is a baby club where you can tack the growth and development of your baby.  You will be able to get free Nestle Cerelac baby goods as well as free nutritional advice.

SMA Baby Club – This club gives you a free welcome pack along with development emails at every stage of your baby’s growth.  You can also get treats to celebrate the milestones in your baby’s life.

Tesco Baby & Toddler Club – You can get free life insurance from Tesco Bank when you get Parent Life Cover and tailored offers.  There are also free competitions as well as giveaways and expert advice.

Free Cash For Parents

Cashback websites are great when you want to claim free money while you do your daily shopping.  This is not a scam and you will be able to earn free money.  Cashback websites will have hundreds of retailers that they work with which makes them perfect for shopping online.

You should look at signing up to Quidco and TopCashback to start earning free cash on your purchases as soon as possible.  If you are looking for something that is a bit more specific to baby products, you should consider KidStarts.  This cashback website has been designed to boost your child’s savings and not your general savings.

With this website, you will earn money while you shop as with other cashback sites.  However, this money will go into a savings account.  While you shop, you can watch your child’s savings account grow.

Free Baby Food & Drinks On Supermarket Cashback Apps

There are a lot of free supermarket apps that you can sign up for such as Shopmium, Quidco ClickSnap and CheckoutSmart.  These apps will give you discounts and freebies on your next shop.  They are also very easy to use.

All you have to do is download the free app and check out which freebies are on offer which you can get for your baby.  You will then have to head to the closest participating supermarket and pick up the item.  When you get home, scan the receipt and you will earn 100% cashback which makes the item free.  You can also pick up items from other stores such as Boots, but you need to read the terms and conditions first.

Free Pregnancy And Baby Books

An essential part of your child’s growth and development will be reading.  This is why you can get a free Bookstart pack at 0-12 months and 3-4 years for every child you have.  You can find out more about the packs and the pages for the whole family on their website.

You can also find interactive storybooks and activities.  This will help you turn you little giggling baby into a giggling, reading, rhyming and singing genius.  Reading to your baby while they are in the womb is believed to help with your child’s development as well so it is never too early to get started.

Free Baby Furniture

Websites such as Freecycle, Gumtree and local Facebook selling groups are ideal for these freebies.  You will need to keep an eye on the listings to find free furniture.  You can also find a lot of other useful products for your baby on these sites.

If you are on a tight budget, you will want to look into this.  Baby items can be very expensive and this will save you a lot of money.  When you sign up for these sites remember to turn on the email alerts so you can get in there early and grab the free items that you need.  When looking at these sites, you have to keep in mind that you will need to collect the items so always ensure that you have transport and that the item actually fit in your home.

Free Parent Testing Websites

Do you like to give your opinion on things?  If you do, you should consider joining a testing panel where you can exchange a review for an emerging or popular baby product.  All you will have to do is sign up to the website and apply for the baby-related campaigns, which only takes a few minutes.

Are You Eligible For Free Fruit, Baby Formula And Vegetables On The NHS?

A lot of people do not realise that you can get free essentials from the NHS.  The Healthy Start scheme is provided by the NHS and offers families free weekly vouchers to spend on formula, milk, vegetables, fresh fruit and vitamins for your baby.  However, you need to meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for this.

Your family will need to make less than £16,190 including any benefits that you receive.  You claim income support, jobseeker’s allowance or any income-related employment and support allowance.  You are getting child tax credits or you are a parent under the age of 18.

In these cases, you will get £3.10 per week if you are more than 10 weeks pregnant and £6.20 per week if you have a baby that is under a year old.  Each child that you have who is over the age of 1 and under the age of 4 will provide you with £3.10 per week.  To apply for the scheme, you will need to apply on the website or get a form from your midwife.

Free Prescriptions And Dental Care For New Mothers

If you are currently pregnant or have had a baby in the last year, you do not have to pay for any prescriptions or NHS dental care.  All of this will be provided to you free of charge.  To get this, you will have to get an FW8 application form which your midwife will need to sign.

You will then receive a maternity exemption certificate.  This will cover you for up to 12 months after your due date.  If your baby is born after the due date, you can apply for an extension of the cover for the entire first 12 months.

How To Win Free Baby Stuff

If you have some spare time between all of the chaos that maternity and a newborn bring, you should enter some competitions.  This is a great way to get some free baby products for your child.  There is a lot of amazing stuff out there that you could win from a free pram to toys and hampers full of baby essentials.

A lot of people find entering competitions to be daunting, but it is all about what you are comfortable with.  You could retweet or follow a brand on Twitter and they will direct message you if you are the winner.  If you do not use social media, you can fill in a simple form with your email and skip any competitions that ask for your phone number.

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