Great Baby Deals with

Great Baby Deals with

Great Baby Deals with – It’s not a big secret that when you find out that you’re expecting there is a LOT to buy. I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant with our third child and we’ve got to buy pretty much everything. Shopping around can be a bit of a bore but it’s definitely worth having a look to compare offers and prices.

Great Baby Deals With

This is where sites such as come in which offer a huge array of offers and discounts. These are all found by the Latest Deals community rather than a company  Deals are updated constantly across everything from Home & Garden, Health & Beauty and of course the current baby deals available.

My Top Baby Deals

Whilst it was tempting to go off course I thought I would look specifically at the Baby Deals. Here are some of the top offers that I found:

Great Baby Deals With

18 packs of Huggies Baby Wipes for £7.50.

This is a huge saving! Each pack works out at 41p per pack.

Great Baby Deals With

This cute little Egg Shaped Baby Sleeping bag is a total bargain at only £7.40. Suitable for 0 – 12 months.

Great Baby Deals With

A Universal Baby Stroller Organiser for £4.99. I’ve been looking for one of these but haven’t been able to find one for under the £20.00 mark so this would be perfect.

Great Baby Deals With

Most of the Baby Dove range from Asda has been reduced. This big 400ml Head to Toe Wash has been reduced from £3.10 to £1.50 a bottle. This is the range that we’ve chosen to use this time round so we’ve stocked up on this already. It smells gorgeous!

Great Baby Deals With

Did you know that if you potty train your child at two and a half that the average child will have had around 6000 nappy changes. So great news is that there are loads of deals on nappies to make that figure easier to swallow. This one is for Half Price Pampers Nappies so make sure you stock up.

Great Baby Deals With

This VTech First Steps Baby Walker caught my eye as it was the one that we had when Ryan was a baby which I know we paid over £30.00 for and this one is available for £16.50. You won’t need it straight away but I find that it’s always good to buy things and put them away to get some of the best deals.

Great Baby Deals With

Get a FREE Mother & Baby Mini Mag – This is a digital download and there is also a link to subscribe to the magazine from £15.00 + a FREE Slumbersac Sleeping Bag.

Great Baby Deals With

A Digital Baby Thermometer for only £17.45. I didn’t think I would need one of these previously but Isabelle caught everything going and the doctors always want to know if they are running a high temperature so this is a must to get an accurate reading.

Great Baby Deals With

This Nuby Natural Touch Microwave Steam Steriliser for £15.00 is perfect for us since I’m going to breastfeed my baby, but like last time I may need/want to express some milk so having this inexpensive steriliser to hand is going to be perfect.

Great Baby Deals With

This stylish Bebe Style Modern Swivel 360 Highchair which should have been £70.00 is now only £50.00 and is fully adjustable so that your baby can sit alongside you at the dining table for dinner.

I could go on and on with the deals so I’ll just add in one more which I think is just as essential as all of the above, and that’s 30% Off Domino’s Pizza’s for those nights when everything goes wrong, the baby won’t sleep, you haven’t had a shower and cooking is the last thing on your mind.

Total Savings

So based on all of the deals that I’ve selected, if bought it works out that at full cost it would have come to a grand total of:


By finding these offers from Latest Deals the cost would be:


This is a total saving of:

£121.38 by going through the Latest Deals Website.

So the moral of the story is, that before you make any future purchases check out and search for what you want to buy to see if you can find a great deal or offer. Or if you find a great deal then share it with the rest of the Latest Deals community.

To view all the latest Baby Offers pop over by clicking here but it’s not just for baby items, there are loads of deals for almost everything else you might want to purchase.

I’d love to know of any deals that you’ve made a great saving on. Leave me a comment below.

Lisa x

*This is a collaborative post but all thoughts and views are my own.


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  1. Great deals thanks for highlighting them! We are due baby number 2 in June so am just off to get some of those wipes and toiletries now!

  2. There are some really great deals here – I wish I had known about this site when mine were little.

  3. Wow that vtech walked really is a bargain. All three of ours loved the one we had, and at that price I would say you definitely can’t go wrong getting it

  4. I love this website! I’ve found so many good bargains on there, thanks for sharing!

  5. That’s a good selection you have found, so many essentials. An infrared thermometer is something I was so glad to get. I’ve used the one I bought for 15 years.

  6. Wow, those deals are brilliant! It never would have occurred to me that you could save so much money by checking out a site like this – I love the highchair featured and it would be great to get such a good discount off it.

  7. Babies are expensive so it’s nice to find such sites where you can find deals and get the best for your money.

  8. Looks like some great deals here, the sleeping bag looks super cute and comfy!

  9. That little sleeping bag is so cute and really cheap! I have a universal stroller organiser and it was one of the most useful things I ever bought for the baby years.

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