Having fun with BabyLed Foods

Having fun with BabyLed Foods – We started our Baby Led Weaning journey a couple of weeks short of Freddie turning six months. He showed a LOT of interest whenever we were eating and would grab anything that was in his reach.

Although Freddie is my third baby, he’s the first that we opted to try baby led weaning with. I’m not sure why really, other than not really being ‘in the know’.

I did a lot of reading and a lot of searching on pinterest for ideas of what to give him which was suitable for his age range. We started off with single vegetables such as carrot, sweet potato and broccoli followed by single fruits before we got a bit more adventurous.

BabyLed Spreads

When Keith from BabyLed Food got in touch to see if Freddie would like to try out his BabyLed Spreads I was intrigued by the grown up sounding flavours and the versatility of how you can use them.

BabyLed Spreads were created by a dad who liked to experiment with meals for his daughter which are packed full of flavour whilst being healthy and quick to prepare. The flavours are what drew me in and we were sent:

  • Green Pea, Rocket & Dill
  • Red Lentil & Sweet Potato
  • Spicy Pumpkin & Chickpea
  • Ricotta & Bean
  • Avocado, Red Pepper & Tomato
  • Carrot, Apple & Hummus

The spreads come in tiny 41ml glass jars which seem teeny but they’re the perfect size for a baby portion so there’s no waste, and due to the ingredients they must be eaten within two days of opening.

What can you do with the spreads?

There are lots of lovely recipe ideas on the BabyLed Food website but you can of course use them as sandwich fillers or as a dip for breadsticks or vegetable sticks. We really liked the idea of using them as a pasta sauce which is such a quick meal to make for your baby and seems to have a big thumbs up from Freddie.

What did we do with our spreads?

I was really excited for Freddie to try these and struggled to pick which flavour to try first. I wanted to keep things simple to start with so most of Freddie’s meals were finger food type foods.

Babyled Foods

Green Pea, Rocket & Dill

We made the Green Pea, Rocket and Dill spread into a pasta sauce. I just cooked some pasta (is it just my kids or do they like some shapes more that others?) and then mixed into the pasta. I didn’t heat it through since the pasta was hot.


Red Lentil & Sweet Potato

Again we made the Red Lentil and Sweet Potato spread into a pasta sauce this time with macaroni pasta served with red and yellow pepper slices. We don’t give Freddie the bowl as he just throws it everywhere so we put a few bits on his tray which he can pick up and we sneak a few spoonfuls in as well which seems to work well.

BabyLed Foods

Spicy Pumpkin & Chickpea

The Spicy Pumpkin and Chickpea Spread was my absolute favourite spread. It smelt gorgeous and having looked at some of the suggestions decided to make freddie a toastie for his lunch. I did this in a pan by melting a little bit of butter in a frying pan, spreading bread with some butter of both sides, spreading on the spread and adding a bit of grated cheese. Sandwich the two slices of bread together and fry in the butter. I used a fish slice to squash it down a bit so that it stuck together and then cut it into strips. This was so yummy that I used the rest for myself in the same way to dip into my tomato soup. Totally scrummy!

BabyLed Foods

Ricotta & Bean

We used the Ricotta and Bean spread as a filling for wraps. We buy the mini ones which are perfect for little ones lunches. I just spread it on the wrap and then rolled it tightly so that it stays together before cutting into little bite sized wheels.

BabyLed Foods

Avocado, Red Pepper & Tomato

We used this as a pizza base on muffins. I toasted the muffins first, spread on the Avocado, Red Pepper and Tomato spread and added grated cheese then put in the grill to melt. This went down so well that I used it the following day as a sandwich filling with grated cheese.


Carrot, Apple & Hummus

The Carrot, Apple and Hummus spread was a lovely sandwich filling using sandwich thins which are quite small so perfect for making little ones sandwiches and went down a treat.

Our thoughts

I’m a huge fan of these spreads and am looking forward to trying out the rest of the flavours in the range. I wasn’t very adventurous with the use of the spreads since little Freddie doesn’t really allow me much time for anything other than quick meals, but already have my eye on the Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Giant Cous Cous and Spicy Chickpea and Pumpkin Patty recipes.

The BabyLed spreads can be bought from Amazon in different multiples and work out at around 77p per jar.

Oh oh oh…..I forgot to say that they also do sweet jars such as Rhubarb & Fig and Raspberry & Beetroot. Yum

For more inspiration on how to use the spreads and see what others are doing head on over to the BabyLed Food Instagram feed.

*We were sent a selection of BabyLed Spreads for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

10 thoughts to “Having fun with BabyLed Foods”

  1. Love the sound of these spreads – they sound great for dipping and spreading. I wish they had been around when we were weaning!

  2. These are a great idea to add a little flavour to plain foods. My kids were ready to eat at 6 months and these would have been amazing to try out.

  3. My last lot of weaning was over 7 years ago, and baby led foods were only just beginning in the UK. I wish I had known about it for all three of ours as I think I would have done the whole thing completely differently and it would have maybe been less stressful for me

  4. We have just started weaning our son this week, although I have started off with purees. I’m building up my confidence to try some baby led weaning. I love the look of these jars as they are flavours I wouldn’t have thought to give babies and they look so versatile.

  5. These ingredients sound like really yummy combinations…for adults too!! This is definitely a product I’d look into if my kids were at the weaning state!

  6. We didn’t do baby led weaning with either of our boys. We started weaning early, and 4.5 months, and were advised that it wasn’t recommended before 6 months (not sure if that is true or not) Those little spreads sound really yummy though!

  7. I know. We were a bit worried at first but Freddie loves being able to feed himself. If you do, be prepared for the mess!!

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