My Family Life 2021 (28/52)

My Family Life 2021


My Family Life – We went to toddler group in the morning. I’ve been worried about how little interaction Freddie has with other children. He tends to avoid other children in every way possible, playing around them like they aren’t there. However, today the toddler group only had three toddlers and a baby so they formed a little trio and played alongside each other the entire time.

We then went to the park where we played for a bit longer. It was so nice seeing him playing without shying away from other kids. I’d made him a little packed lunch so didn’t need to worry about rushing back home. By the time we did get back he was exhausted and was trying to have a nap. Naps are an absolute no now unless we still want him running around at 10pm.


A workday for me so not a lot happening.


And it’s raining again. The weather needs to seriously make up its mind. I’m sick of taking coats and umbrellas but being too hot. Freddie doesn’t mind, any excuse for jumping in puddles. He chose a great school pick up outfit and roared at everybody that we went past!


An office day and which went really quickly.


The end of another week. I got Freddie’s pre-school information today. He’s got every morning for three hours each day starting in September.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m going to miss him like crazy but I know it will be good for him. I’m going to ask if he can start the first couple of weeks by doing maybe three mornings just to see how he goes. He hasn’t ever been in a childcare or nursery setting, it’s just been me or his dad looking after him since he was born.

I have no idea how he’s going to be. He’s a confident little boy but he’s never been without one of us. We’ve had both ends of the spectrum. Our eldest started nursery without a backward glance and our middle one cried every day for about six months. Hopefully, he’ll be somewhere in the middle.


We had such a good day. We went to Paulos Circus as Darts Farm with my Sister and Niece. We started off with a bit of lunch at home and then we made our way to Darts Farm. As the last few days we’d had rain, we knew it was going to be a soggy walk across the field, and it really was.

We had such a good time though. It was about an hour 15 minutes long and I didn’t think Freddie was going to sit still but he was mesmerised by everything from the lights, sounds, and the amazing performances.

Afterward, we had ice cream and a play in the play area. Freddie found a puddle and ended up looking like a swamp monster.

We also had a visit from Ryan, our eldest with a bottle of fresh banana milkshake from a local fill your own milk place. There’s nothing like it!


It rained…..again! We were going to pop to my mum’s but I don’t drive so we didn’t fancy a soggy walk.

I’ve finally decided to get my driving license. Well, I decided last year but then the pandemic kinda ruined that plan. Well, it’s near on impossible to find a driving instructor at the moment. They’re all choc-a-bloc, and the next available test is in December. As soon as I’ve nailed down an instructor I’m going to book both the theory and the practical and just get it done. I’m terrified that I’m going to be an awful driver or at least a very nervous driver, but it’s time to get my wheels!

Wish me luck!

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4 thoughts to “My Family Life 2021 (28/52)”

  1. Aww it is so daunting when they first start pre-school but they soon settle in. Hopefully he loves it.

    Love his tiger hat!

    Hope you manage to find an instructor soon!

  2. I know. I’m more nervous with him than the other two as he hasn’t been in a childcare setting at all yet. I’ve finally found an insructor!

  3. Glad Freddie enjoyed playing with the other children at toddler group. It’s been so hard for little ones losing out on so much social interaction during the last year or so. Love his school pick-up outfit. Good luck with Freddie starting preschool and to you with your driving lessons.

  4. Thank you. He’s only just starting to come out of his shell after being kept away from people for so long. I’m sure he’ll be fine once he’s there x

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