My Family Life 2021 (30/52)

My Family Life 2021


Well today was eventful. We got up as usual to start our day. Freddie and I were due to meet a friend at a toddler group, Belle was going to school. It was Belle’s sports day in the afternoon followed by a meet and greet session for Freddie from 4 – 5pm so it was going to be a full-on day.

As we were getting ready I always have a little scroll through my emails which was lucky as we had an urgent email to say that a child in Belles year had tested positive for Covid and they were closing the bubble and all children had to isolate until 24th July which would mean after the last day of term.

Cue huge meltdown from Belle who was really looking forward to sports day and, let’s face it a doss week for the rest of the week.

Whilst we were calming that situation, we then get a call from our son who had tested positive on a lateral flow test and was being moved to a single room to isolate. He’s in the army but was with us all weekend from Friday to Sunday.

We then got another email from school to say that as per new guidelines, they weren’t closing the bubble and all kids should be in school for 11.30.

We had a very smiley Belle until we realised that we would have to isolate as contacts with Ryan pending his PCR test.

Oh dear, yet another meltdown from Belle.

No toddler group, no Sports day and no meet and greet for pre-school. All our plans taken out within half an hour. We were meant to be going to my Mums for tea as well, as she was going to be looking after Belle whilst Freddie and I went to pre-school so she was disappointed as well.

The guidance on contact is pretty crap at the moment. It contradicts itself – one bit says you have to isolate and another bit says you don’t have to unless contacted by track and trace.

I rang work who said yes, we need to isolate pending Ryan’s PCR results so fingers crossed they come back negative.

We’ve got a bit of a wait as a postal test has been requested for Ryan as he doesn’t drive.

Tuesday 20th

I worked from home. It’s absolutely boiling hot. We shouldn’t complain about the weather as it’s been pretty touch and go crap recently but it’s just one extreme to another!

Ryan had his PCR test and should get the results tomorrow.

Wednesday 21st

We waited all day for the results and it wasn’t until I was already in bed that he messaged me to say that he had tested positive. Damn, that’s us in isolation for the foreseeable.

Belle was very upset as she was hoping to go back to school for the last couple of days. She’s been set some work online, but I’m not even going to bother trying to get her to do it.

On the upside, the weather is still lovely so lots of garden play, and Daddy is home which is an extra bonus as he works long hours.

Chris also got a 6 month pass to Disney+ so we’ve got loads of films we can watch in between soakings.


I should have been in the office today but as we’re isolating I’m working from home. It’s been a disaster of a day. The system that I use for work decided to play up. It enlarged itself on my screen which you’d think would be easy enough to fix, but no, it stayed huge and really hard to work from. I’m pretty IT savvy but I couldn’t work it out and neither could the IT department!

We also nipped to the Corona drive through to get tested, just in case. It makes no difference to isolation, we still have to do it but at least we’d know. I’m double jabbed but Chris has only had one of his, and you can still get it clever if you’ve been vaccinated. Better to be safe and all that!


The kids and I got our results which were all negative. Chris’ came back inconclusive so he has to go back and get it done again.

Our grandson has also tested positive so all his birthday plans for the weekend have had to be scrapped. We weren’t seeing him this weekend but it’s a shame that he can’t have his party.

Ryan’s utterly bored as he’s stuck in a single room to isolate. At least we’ve got the garden to break up the day.

Saturday 24th

I’ve got my first driving lesson confirmed for Monday 6th September. I can’t wait to get on the road. I only want to drive so it’s easier to take the kids places after school and at the weekend. Also being able to pop over for a cuppa with my mum will be quite nice as well.

We’ve got a big car so I’m on the lookout for a small car with four doors. I like the look of the Citroen’s or a small Peugeot but who knows.


It’s Luka’s 3rd birthday today. I’ve been a Nanny for three whole years. It still makes me chuckle when I say that, but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

We FaceTimed him so we could wish him happy birthday. He showed us his presents and was happy enough at home with his Mum.

We also watched the film Luca which was definitely worth a watch.

Belle made some little clay charms which we thought were pretty impressive. We had to bake them in the oven before she can glaze them.