My Happy List – Eating and Fishing

My Happy List

Oops I’m not very good at this weekly Happy List round-up. Some weeks are so samey and boring that there really isn’t much to say about it.

However, the past week has had some silver linings so I thought I would share them with you.

Sunday I took Isabelle out to the river and did something that we did all the time as kids. We went fishing with a net and a bucket. Simple as that! The trick to fishing for little stickleback fish is to look for spots of water where the sun is shining in it. Unfortunately, last Sunday was quite overcast so we only managed to find one fish, a couple of little sticks (Isabelle thought they were fish) and a few tiny snails. She was a bit worried that we might catch THE Crocodile but we stayed away from the train bridge where he lives!


Monday saw the return of my part-time working hours so Monday signified the first child-free day in a long time. I worked on my blog of course after taking Charlie for a lovely walk. It was bliss and much needed.


Was a workday for me. As I’m just about to start a new job it feels odd that things that I’m doing now are my ‘lasts’. I have three days left in my current job. It feels like the end of an era!


Was Isabelle’s last day in year 1. She’s come on leaps and bounds in this last year. Her school report was great and she still has so much enthusiasm for school and learning. Off she went with the obligatory teacher present and a smile on her face.


Was a normal day until work was finished and we headed off to Princesshay Shops in Exeter for their Summer Eats event. We were treated to yummy cocktails from Coal (the Raspberry Collins was my fave), watched the chef from Cafe Rouge cook mussels in a state of art kitchen set up from Berloni, and sampled some lovely food from the various restaurants. We tried these really lovely parcels filled with pulled pick which were amazing but I forgot to ask where they were from so I need to investigate that. As part of the event, we were treated to a demonstration by the South West Lindy Hoppers. It was a lot of fun and I would have loved to join in but my little sidekick wasn’t having up for partaking.


Was a great day in that it was the first day where we got up in no hurry at all. We had scrambled eggs on toast and did everything at a slow pace. This was much needed for both Isabelle and me. We walked the dog and then my mum came over later on.


Daddy was home with us and after a leisurely morning, both Isabelle and Daddy took Charlie for a walk so that I could get some work done. Ryan is off on holiday on Wednesday so I’ve been trying to get all of his stuff together.


I did the last of the holiday shopping which was a total fist-pump moment. Yey me! I also watched Bad Moms for the first time whilst I did the ironing. I loved it! We also went over to my in-laws’ garden party where we stuffed our faces with cake and drank tea!

What’s on your Happy List?

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic week! Well done on getting your holiday shopping done. I loved Bad Moms too – such a feel good film! Love the idea of fishing with the net and bucket – such fun, my son would love doing that! x #HappyDaysLinky

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