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I’ve been looking to for the Happy Days linky to try and break my pessimistic outlook which has taken over for the past year.

I hate that I look at all the negatives, but I think it’s fair to say that the last year or so has been quite tough for various reasons.

Life’s too short and all that, but more so when I look at my once chubby faced little boy turning eighteen in April. It speeds on by, and he’s now taking driving lessons and is starting an apprenticeship in September.

For that reason I’m going to take stock of the good things.

Happy Days

My Happy List

New Baby – Technically this happened over a week ago but my brother and his fiancΓ© had a baby boy. He’s so squeezable. He was early so is the tiniest baby we’ve had in the family but he’s gorgeous!

The weather – it was scorching last week. I’m not a sun worshipper but it’s nice getting up and going to work in the sunshine. We finally managed to buy a cheapish paddling pool for Isabelle and Daddy had it all set up for when she came home from school on Tuesday. After sitting on a hot bus on the way home I took my shoes off and got in with her (in my work clothes) which she thought was great since she soaked me!

The paddling Pool – this should have its own title as it’s use after school everyday this week has been great. Isabelle is loving being able to get changed and straight in to cool off.

Last day of college – After two years, Ryan has officially finished college and about to embark on the world of work.Β 

Holiday – it’s only six weeks and five days until we go on holiday. We cannot wait!

New Job – I spent the most part of last week swotting for a job interview. Trying to cover every possible question that they might ask. I heard that there was quite a lot of competition but……….I GOT IT!! Β I’m terrified but mostly excited.

Family day out – life is tiring at the moment but we are trying to make the most of our weekends. Yesterday we went to the circus (post to follow). It was really lovely and then we went for a wander around Darts Farm which is always nice. We love their food hall.


Holiday Shopping – Did I mention that it’s only six weeks and five days until our holiday. We’re off holiday clothes shopping today. Ha ha!

What made your week great?

Lisa x

What Katy Said

10 thoughts to “Happy Days List”

  1. What a fab happy list – loads to celebrate and it really helps to take pleasure in the small wins I find x

  2. A well done on your job! And good idea to get into the paddling pool after that hot bus. I think I’d have done the same! #happydayslinky

  3. Congratulations on the new job, how exciting! The warm weather seems to have vanished for us this past week but the week before with the paddling pool was fantastic. We got it more for our 2yr old as we can only fit in a tiny one, but surprisingly my 8yr old has the most fun with it, especially jumping in and splashing everyone and was eager to get outside every night. Hope the clothes shopping went well x

  4. We love being out in the garden and the kids seem to be able to entertain themselves a bit more. The shopping went really well. I think Isabelle is now fully kitted out. One down, three to go πŸ™‚

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