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Old Wives Tales – Gender Prediction

Old Wives Tales – Gender Prediction.

Lots of people I know are pregnant or have recently had little ones.

There was a stage where everybody was finding out the sex of their babies and now I think this has reduced and people are waiting for the ultimate surprise.

Both of mine were surprises but it didn’t stop me guessing what they were likely to be.

I thought I was having a girl and Ryan came along, and when I thought I was having a boy Isabelle popped out.

Everybody had an opinion on whether or not I was carrying a boy or a girl.

Gender Prediction

Here are some Old Wives Tales which will clearly correctly predict whether or not you’re having a boy or a girl.

You’re having a BOY if:

Your skin is better than it’s been before
You’re craving salty food or meat
When doing the ring test, the ring spins back wards and forwards like a pendulum
Your baby’s heartbeat is less than 140 bpm (the midwife should be able to help you with this)
You’re carrying low
You have cold feet
You’re clumsier than normal
You sleep on your left side
You don’t get chubby cheeks
If you have dry hands
You gain most of your weight on your thighs
If you eat a glove of garlic and the smell comes out through your pores
Your right boob is bigger than your left (no idea why)
Your bump is round like you’ve swallowed a football

You’re having a GIRL if:

You’re skin isn’t as clear as usual
Your baby’s heartbeat is more than 140 bpm (the midwife should be able to help you with this)
You crave sweet things and ice
You carry high
If you have soft hands
If you eat a clove of garlic and no smell is detected through your skin
When you do the ring test is moves in a circular motion
Your left boob is bigger than your right (again no clue)
Your belly is wider rather than round
You gain most of your weight on your belly
You sleep on your right side
Your face is rounder than usual

There is also the Chinese Gender Prediction where you add your age at conception with the number of the month you conceived in. If its an odd number it’s a boy and an even number it’s a girl.

Do you know any more Old Wives Tales to predict the gender of your baby?

Pop us a comment.